Gratitude and Soulful Goals: FoodLove Girl’s March 2017 Update

Hi!  Every now and then I like to check-in with you guys and let you know where I am in my own journey.  I look at it as an opportunity to put my money where my mouth is and show you that I’m actually doing the things that I suggest you do.

When I first started this blog these check-ins were all about my food and my exercise but as we’ve evolved, I’ve started talking more about how I’m working to live my life “full-out”.  The more I focus on that, the better my relationship with food ends up.  So, this check-in is more about my goals for the year which aren’t directly related to my weight but I believe the focus on these goals will result in a healthier me.

This time, I thought I’d do my quarterly check-in on my soulful goals by way of participating in the Gratitude and Goals Linky sponsored by Julie at and Suzanna at

In January I told you guys about how I was still hibernating and I made up a list of more soulful goals inspired by reading The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul and The Fire Starter Sessions: A Soulful + Practical Guide to Creating Success on Your Own Terms.

The list I came up with was a lot vaguer than any goals I’ve ever made in the past but they were all based on my core desired feelings which I created after reading the Desire Map.  You can read more about my 2017 goals on this post.

My Core  Desired Feelings are:  Cozy; Bad-Ass; Creative; Obsessively Engaged; Impactful; and Deep Connection.  It is my new strategy with every goal to work through the process of achieving that goal while aiming to feel these core desired feelings as often as possible.

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How to Finally Stop Giving A F*ck About Your Weight


I recently read a book called The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life. To be completely accurate, I “read” the book using Audible.  I’m not sure how to explain it but certain books are better when listened to than when read and some are better when you actually read them. For me, this was the former.  This book was very direct and in your face and in my opinion, it needs to be listened to.  You need to really hear this and I think listening makes that easier when you’re not using your own voice and reading it.  If you let it, this book can allow you to shift your mindset and you know that’s what we’re all about here at FoodLoveMe/FoodHateMe. We are trying to change our mindset. We’re trying to change how we think about our weight, about our relationship with food.

I believe some of the  main points of this book can help us do that. Continue reading

Will God Want to Talk About My Weight on Judgement Day?

the spiritual battle to lose weight; prayer and weight loss; judgement day

Will God Want to Talk About My Weight on Judgement Day?

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That is the question that popped in my head this morning.  In my religion we believe that there will be a judgement day at the end of it all and on that day there will be an accounting of all of our good and bad deeds on this earth that will ultimately lead to our final destination – heaven or hell.  And I wondered this morning – On Judgement Day, would the discussion of my weight be on the table?

I believe that God would not care about my weight, given all the other things we would have to discuss and all the other people in line.  God ain’t got no time for that!

I think instead what might be on the table is the discussion of time wasted.  I think that is a definitely possibility.  And so in that discussion quite possibly God will want to talk to me about how much time I wasted worrying about my weight. Continue reading

So What Happens When You Finally Face Your #1 Fear?

So what happens when you finally face your fear? You start living,  that’s what.
I have news for you. Dieting , journaling our food, over-exercising, counting our points, obsessing over our weight- THAT IS NOT LIVING! At least not very well.
Think about how many hours of your life have been wasted obsessing over your weight. How many opportunities have you passed up because you claimed you needed to focus on your weight-loss? And how many times have you promised yourself that as soon as you got to your ideal weight you’d go after that dream?
My dream for this blog, FoodLoveMe/FoodLoveMe, is that I can stop all of you from obsessing over your weight and help you to start living your lives.  I used to think that meant experimenting on myself and figuring out the best way to control emotional overeating and then teaching that to you. But now I realize that the goal is really more about  helping you learn how to live full out and fill your lives with so much great shit that you simply don’t have room in your life for obsessing over your weight.  And achieving this goal starts with first helping you to  face your fear.

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How to Learn from Your Eating Habits to Improve Your Whole Life!


how you eat

In her book, Women, Food and God, Geneen Roth says, “How you eat is how you do everything”

I have been thinking about this quote a lot, mainly because I find it to be so true.

This blog is all about healing our relationship with food. If you read this blog regularly, it is perhaps because you have had years of struggling with finding the right balance for food in your life.  You possibly have a history of overeating or eating things that don’t provide energy and vitality to your life.  And you want to change that once and for all.  Perhaps, analyzing this quote, can help us finally, finally heal our relationship with food.

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The Book That Changed My Weight Loss Journey Forever


#1book for emotional overeating_


The book is A Course In Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever by Williamson, Marianne 1st (first) Edition (11/2/2010)

Let me start by saying this year was my third attempt at trying to finish this book.  The first time I made it through the first 3 lessons and that was enough to get me going to lose that 30 lbs I lost in 2010/2011.  But it wasn’t enough to keep it off.  At the beginning of 2015, I  began a new habit of practicing the Miracle Mornings routine which allowed me the time to work through the exercises in this book and really think about what they meant to my life.   Finally, I was able to get back to this book for the third and final time and I made it all the way through.

In short the book’s message is this:

You are overweight because you use food to cope with your fears.  Instead, turn to God and let his love support you through this journey and fill up your heart so that there is no room for fear. Continue reading