Treat Yo’self! 5 ways to Enjoy Yourself this Valentines Day without Food!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!  or as I like to refer to is – Treat Yo’self Day!  This post is for everyone who wants to show themselves a little love this Valentine’s day regardless of whether or not you have someone special to share the day with. We all have someone special to say “I love you” to – ourselves!
So often Valentines day is associated with an endless supply of chocolate, candy, and dining out.  But there are plenty of ways to show yourself a little love without food being the main ingredient.
So here is a list of 5 ways to Treat yo’self!

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Why I’m still hibernating and why you should be too (plus my 8 “goals” for 2017)

It’s January 8th and I haven’t rushed out to get my gym membership renewed. I’m not entering any new 30 day challenges and I haven’t signed up for any cleanses. You know, the usual New Year’s stuff people get into this time of year.
Okay, that’s a little but of a lie because I did sign up for the “500 words a day” challenge with Jeff Goins but that’s only because I want to keep up with staying in touch with all of you lovely folks in the FoodLove Community.
But other than that, I’m still chillin.
I’m taking some advice I got from a recent blog post by Kate Northrup and instead of leading my life by our calendar, I’m going to lead it by the Earth’s and Moon’s cycles.  It may be January 1st, a New Year but it’s also the dead of winter. It’s not time to spring into action. It’s time to rest, reflect, meditate, slow down and let our bodies and our minds do some recovery and wait.  Wait until spring to jump up.  There’s no rule that says we need to rush and go, go, go.  No.  It’s hibernation time folks.
So what am I doing right now?

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2016 Lessons Learned


This has been a great year of lessons for me.  I’ve come so far in my weight loss journey, and NOT because I lost a lot of weight.  In fact, since I decided to get pregnant midway through the year, half the year was actually spent gaining weight but that did not stop my growth in this department.

I write this blog to bond with other people who struggle with their body image, their relationship with food, and their obsession with losing weight.  I write in hopes that as I learn a better way,  I can share that way with all of you and hopefully help you in your journey too.

The best decision I made all year regarding my weight loss journey was to join the Live More Weigh Less Mastery Program.  This program solidified the foundation I started with my reading of the  book, A Course in Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever by Marrianne Williamson.  I truly believe that without first reading that book in 2015, I would not have been open to this wonderful program and all that it had to offer me.

This year I continued my work with my Nutritionist who as I’ve said many times before has become more of my Nutritional Therapist than my Nutritionist.  I have found LMWL to be a beautiful compliment to the work we are doing together as well.

I also continued to be blessed by the book angels this year and I have had a marvelous year of reading.  Each book that I felt drawn to read this year complimented the last and added to my understanding of myself and what I want for my life.

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5 Tips for Enjoying the Holidays without Gaining Weight


It’s that time of year again.  We just had Halloween, Thanksgiving is next week, and Christmas and New Year’s will be soon to follow.  And the biggest question on the minds of all of us in the FoodLove Community is: How can I survive this without ending the year with 10 extra pounds I seriously don’t need?

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So What Happens When You Finally Face Your #1 Fear?

So what happens when you finally face your fear? You start living,  that’s what.
I have news for you. This thing we’ve been doing: dieting , journaling our food, over-exercising, counting our points, obsessing over our weight- THAT IS NOT LIVING.! At least not very well.
Close your eyes for a minute and think about how many hours of your life have been wasted obsessing over your weight. How many opportunities you passed up because you claimed you needed to focus on your weight-loss but you promised that as soon as you got to your ideal weight you’d go after that dream. What a waste of time that was.
My dream for this blog, FoodLoveMe/FoodLoveMe, is that I can stop all of you from obsessing over your weight and help you to start living your lives.  I used to think that meant experimenting on myself and figuring out the best way to control emotional overeating and then teaching that to you. But now I realize that the goal is really to help you learn how to live full out and fill your lives with so much great shit that you simply don’t have room in your life for obsessing over your weight.  And achieving this goal starts with first helping you to  face your fear.

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How to Truly Save Money in Groceries: Change Your Scarcity Mentality


As I continue to pursue a lifestyle of living full out and worrying less about my weight, I am working hard to change my scarcity mentality.  A scarcity mentality implies that you think first and foremost from a starting point of “I don’t have enough; there isn’t enough to go around; I need more of.”

FoodLove Girl - "It's Never Enough Food!"

FoodLove Girl – “It’s Never Enough Food!”


The opposite of this would the abundance mentality.  With an abundance mentality, you start from a place of “I have everything I need”; “There is enough for everyone”; “If I run out, there is always more”.

I’ve noticed that I have this scarcity mentality in a lot of areas of my life and food is just one of them.  All of this stems from an internal belief of whether or not you believe that YOU ARE ENOUGH.   You must work to believe that you are enough and that you don’t need anyone or anything to validate your existence and your worth.  Once you do that, the rest falls into place

In my work to remind myself that I am enough and to shed my life of this scarcity mentality, I practiced this mentality at the grocery store last week and a miraculous thing happened.  My grocery bill was less. Continue reading

How to Learn from Your Eating Habits to Improve Your Whole Life!


how you eat

In her book, Women, Food and God, Geneen Roth says, “How you eat is how you do everything”

I have been thinking about this quote a lot, mainly because I find it to be so true.

This blog is all about healing our relationship with food. If you read this blog regularly, it is perhaps because you have had years of struggling with finding the right balance for food in your life.  You possibly have a history of overeating or eating things that don’t provide energy and vitality to your life.  And you want to change that once and for all.  Perhaps, analyzing this quote, can help us finally, finally heal our relationship with food.

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Welcome to the FoodLove Community!


blog about_foodloveme


My name is Ryan but you can call me FoodLove Girl!   me_bitmoji I originally thought of that nickname because I loooove food….. but food has not always loved me.  I have been struggling with my weight for 15+ years now and although I haven’t quite mastered it yet, I’ve learned a lot along the way and now I want to share it with you.


The purpose of FoodLoveMe/FoodHateMe is to share  my ongoing journey as a “lessons learned” and “lessons learning” in an attempt to help you shorten your weight loss journey.  If I can help just one person shorten their journey by one year, or even one month, then all of the pain and struggles I’ve been through related to my weight will have been worth it.


You have arrived at a safe haven for people who have struggled with their weight and their relationship with food for years and are tired and ready to heal.


In this struggle to be healthy and happy amidst a complicated world of misinformation that leaves us frustrated and unhappy, I believe there is a simple solution to ending the madness.  Here in the FoodLove Community we focus on what I believe are the 3 main elements of that solution: 

  1. Surrendering Your Weight Loss Journey
  2. Focusing on Living “Full Out”
  3. Creating Systems to make everything easier and less stressful

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Exercise For Your Health, NOT To Be Thin!

Exercise For Your Health NOT To Be Thin!

me_working out

So this is a topic that I’ve been meaning to talk about for a while and I’ve been hearing a lot of chatter about it online recently and I heard a great podcast about it and so it has finally compelled me to discuss it with you today but it is long overdue.  And that is the subject of exercise.  More specifically I am hear to tell you a brutal, honest truth.  Here goes:  Exercise will not help you lose weight.  It won’t.  But you should love it anyway.  Confused?  Let me explain. Continue reading

The Book That Changed My Weight Loss Journey Forever


#1book for emotional overeating_


The book is A Course In Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever by Williamson, Marianne 1st (first) Edition (11/2/2010)

Let me start by saying this year was my third attempt at trying to finish this book.  The fist time I made it through the first 3 lessons and that was enough to get me going to lose that 30 lbs I lost in 2010/2011.  But it wasn’t enough to keep it off.  This time, after reading some other very good books that helped me tap into my past (posts coming later on those) and books that helped me get closer to “my life’s work”, after reading these books and really coming to terms with the idea that my real work in weight loss at this point has got to be on my brain and my heart – not my body (i.e. not exercise).  Also my new habit of practicing the Miracle Mornings allowed me the time to work through the exercises in this book and really think about what they meant to my life.   When I came to terms with that earlier this year, I was able to get back to this book for the third and final time and I made it all the way through.

In short the book’s message is this:

You are overweight because you use food to cope with your fears.  Instead, turn to God and let his love support you through this journey and fill up your heart so that there is no room for fear. Continue reading

Beware of Food Pushers: 5 Tips to Ward Them Off!



say no

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Warding “who” off?  Who are they?  They are everyone who asks you, “you’re not gonna eat”?    Come on, you can have just one cookie.  It’s not going to kill you.  You’re no fun. You’re a buzzkill. Booh.

Or,  “It’s a party.  You gotta treat yourself. Just have one slice.  it’s okay. Live a little”

To which you say, Well hello, I’ve been treating myself for 15 years, how do you think I got this fat?!

are you a food pusher


“They” are you well-meaning friends, coworkers, relatives and hey, maybe at this point it’s the random guy on the street.  Everyone who thinks they have a say in what you eat or drink. “They” are food pushers! Continue reading