10 Days Left. 10 Ways to Set Yourself Up for a Super Healthy New Year!

December 22, 2015




Start Now.  Do not get swept up in the New Year Resolution energy and party and overeat and wait until January 1st to start a new plan. Instead, act as if.  Act as if tomorrow is Jsanuary 1st.  Start eating healthy today right now, after you read tthis post of couse.  Go to the grocery story and get some fresh greens and some eggs and drink a lot of water throughout the day.  Start eating and exercising the way you plan to for the rest of the year.  Take the pizazz out of it now so that there’s les chance of the fizzle going out later.  If you wait for the big day, then you’ll be like everybody else hoping that the New Year promise will be enough to get you to yoru goal. But it won’t be enough.  It never is.  If it were, we wouldn’t be here for the 10th time, making the same resolution to lose weight.  To be healthier.

According to the Statistic Brain Research Institute,  the number one resolution for 2015 is, you guessed it – “To Lose Weight”.  According to this website, only 75% of the people that make that goal keep it for the first week after the New Year.  The numbers go down to 64% after the first month of the new year and 46% after six months.  So by June 2016, less than half of these people will still be actively pursuing their goal to Lose Weight.

So, how do we break this cycle? we can start by making the goal more ordinaryThe act of losing weight depends on our everyday choices.  We must make healthy choices every single day and in that reality – it’s quite boring. It’s boring b/c it involves the little decisions everyday. The decision to get up and exercise. The decision to drink water throughout the day instead of coffee and pop (sorry, Midwest – can’t say “soda”).   It means saying no to dessert every day and spooning out our servings a little smaller each meal. Every meal, every day, constant, boring choices that in the end sum up your entire year and determine whether or not you made it to your goal or not.

So it behooves you to treat that goal like it is – an everyday, boring decision. Not a fancy, highlighted  goal for “THE NEW YEAR”.  So, pop that balloon now by focusing on that goal now in these last days of this year and come January 1, 2016………..just keep it going.  Nothing special.  Just treat it like it’s what you do everyday.  Fake it till you make it.

Here are 10 every day behaviors you can focus on TODAY that will help set you up for a healthy New Year.

glass of water

  1. Drink more water.  This has been my worst behavior. I can’t seem to get enough water. RIght now I’m using a water app on my phone that reminds me to drink water.  You enter in your weight and height and activity rate it adjusts for how much you need to be drinking and reminds you throughout the day. My favorite part is that you put in your waking hours so it doesn’t remind you when you’re still asleep.  It’s called Hydro Coach.  It’s free. Check it out.diary
  2. Journal!  Start the habit of writing down what you’re eating now.  It works. It works so well it’s insane.  You won’t be able to deny what you’re eating. You’ll watch yourself stop eating more easily because you know you’ve had enough.  You’ll notice how often you eat when you’re not hungry. (Yes, I’m talking to you my overeater friends!)  Start journaling now so that it feels like second nature come the end of January.Inside-the-SMART-Fitness-Planner
  3. Put up a Fitness Goal Board.  I love the blog written by Fitness Fashionista and on her website she provides some very fun “printables” which are basically colorful, artfully made tools that you can print and put on a board to help motivate you.  I’ve seen some really cool boards on Pinterest and on my Weight Loss Group Board on Facebook.  Put up pictures of fit people you aspire to look like or be like, or pictures of a former thinner you.  Put up a calendar that you can check of each day that you achieve a fitness goal or a healthy eating goal. Put up your meal plans for the week.  You can put up whatever you want but the point is to have your goal visible and visually interesting so that it catches your eye and constantly reminds you of what you want to accomplish.  Look for some fun, affordable ideas designed by Fitness Fashionista at: https://transactions.sendowl.com/stores/4018/18521   and try  http://fitnessfashionista.com/smart-fitness-planner/fruits and vegetables
  4. Get your house in order.  Do you have enough workout clothes? Do you have dvds available to workout with on those days when you get snowed in? (winter is coming!)   Do you have healthy options in the refrigerator? Do you have a water bottle? Don’t let life just happen to you. Be prepared. If you’re serious about your goals get your house in order. Get what you need to help you succeed. When it comes to getting organized for weight loss success, my favorite blog is: Organize Yourself Skinny (www.organizeyourselfskinny.com) the-ultimate-winter-hiking-gear-guide-pinnable-image
  5. Get some indoor hobbies. Back to this whole winter thing. I’m telling you – winter can crush your weight loss spirit if you let it. All those cold, dark days – so easy to just give up and snuggle up with some cookies and call it a day. So think of some fun ways to occupy your time when you might be tempted to stay in the house. Think of some hobbies that you can do inside and outside of the house. Hiking or skiing if you want to brave the cold? One of my favorite blogs, Fitness Fashionista did a great post on preparing for winter activity. Check it out:   http://fitnessfashionista.com/2015/11/24/ultimate-winter-hiking-gear-guide/  Or if you want indoor things to keep you from eating – stock up on some good books; trying some arts and crafts – knitting – you need both hands – can’t eat! You get the picture but start thinking about this stuff now so that you’re prepared.money tree
  6. Budget. A lot of people have these grand plans to workout and eat healthy but they don’t factor in how much all of this will cost and then they let money become the excuse as to why they stopped trying. If there is a bootcamp class you want to take or some new dvds you want to buy or you are in desperate need of workout clothes – factor this into your budget for next year – now! But don’t forget, you don’t need any money to eat less and move more. Walking in the snow requires no special clothing (just more clothing!) and no money at all. And hey, make it fun. Do snow angels. Have a snowball fight.  feet on scale
  7. Understand your baseline. Weigh yourself, measure yourself, and journal what you are already naturally eating. Maybe even get bloodwork done so that you know how your blood pressure and cholesterol levels are. Understand where you’re starting at before the New Year so that you have a realistic plan for the upcoming year. You can’t just make arbitrary goals – they might be unrealistic. Can you run a mile without throwing up? No? Then don’t say you’re going to do a marathon in March. Figure out your fitness level now and then plan accordingly. That way you can’t use the excuse, “I didn’t know how hard it was going to be”.  cupcake
  8. Cut out desserts now. One of my old rules that helped me was to say dessert is special and only for weekends. I have been lapse on that rule and so I am trying to get that in place right now. If you can get a rule like that in place now during the holidays when sweets are literally everywhere – imagine how much easier it’ll be come January. hibernating
  9. Go to bed. We need sleep to have more energy for the next day. Sleep deprivation keeps you from losing weight in more ways than one. So go to bed! Turn out the lights. Practice now and it’ll be a snap to get up for that 5 am bootcamp in January.Cheers to you and these last ten days of 2015. Get ready, get prepared, start now. No New Year’s Resolutions for you because you’re already practicing them right now. hope
  10. Start the positive thinking now.  You need to resolve your feelings about what went down this year now so that you can have a clear head for the year to come.  No regrets, let’s move forward.

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