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When I started my blog, almost a year ago, I was already hooked to a few weight loss blogs and lifestyle blogs that inspired me to tell my own story.  While I definitely got a lot of great tips and tools to use to help me on my journey, the most important thing I got was a ton of good background stories.  The individual stories of each of these bloggers are what really helped me because inside each story of a former overeater or a struggling dieter, I saw a piece of myself.  And whether the blogger had accomplished her goal and was in maintenance or was still struggling, I really related to her story and I felt connected.   I think connection in today’s world is so important.  We all want to feel understood and loved and heard.  And I felt heard when I read their stories.  I felt like, “she gets me”.  She understands what I’ve been going through.  And I thought to myself, one day, I want someone to feel that way about me.  So I started this blog in hopes that I can help just one person out there feel the way I felt when I read these blogs.  Like there is someone else out there fighting this battle alongside me and we’re going to do this thing together – one day at a time.

So today I’d like to give a shout-out to my favorite weight loss blogs that shared their story and say thank you for showing up each and every week to help other people out there who are struggling just like you, just like me.  I hope you find comfort from their stories the way that I have.


  1. Black Girls Guide to Weight Loss – This is one of my favorite weight loss blogs I have found because this blogger has a history of overeating and has journeyed to success in a big way. Her website touches both the emotional side of eating and the education side of healthy.  She educates on eating healthy, eating smart and working out in the most effective way possible.  She speaks freely about her past and emotional overeating and she offers bootcamps to help people get in shape.  Her voice is authentic and real and truly motivational.  I think you will love it.  You can find this blog at: blackgirlsguidetoweightloss.com
  2. Organize Yourself Skinny. This is one of my favorite weight loss blogs because of the concise way that she offers her tips for your everyday life.  This blogger is also one of the people that inspired me to work towards one day becoming a full time blogger in hopes of quitting my day job one day.  The best part is that she did this in the best way possible – by helping others get healthier. Her main focus is on organizing your busy life so that it starts to work for you and not against you.  She comes at you every week with a ridiculous amount of awesome tips for planning your life to have a success weigh-in.  If you’re a planner like me, then you will love the format of this blog so much.  Check it out at:  organizeyourselfskinny.com
  3. No Thanks to Cake – I think this is one of the best weight loss blogs out there and it’s one of my favorite weight loss blogs because this blogger reminds me so much of myself. This blog is a prime example of what I’m always talking about with people sharing their story and relating to you.  My longtime relationship with Weight Watchers matches her long time relationship with Jenny Craig and like me she lost a lot of weight but still has that last 20 to go (I have 30) so I really relate to her journey.  She has recently gotten back on track with her weight loss goal to get it done before she hits the big 40 and I have signed myself up as one of her cheerleaders . Go Jenny! Check her out at:  nothankstocake.com
  4. Can You Stay For Dinner – First off, do you just love that title or what? She actually recently changed her website and the title to make it more of a lifestyle blog with one of the focuses on weight loss and the rest on healthy living in general.  The website is now called “Andie Mitchell”.  But either way – Definitely one of the best weight loss blogs solely for her back story and her continued inspiration.  This is one of those blogs whose backstory I love , love, love!  It’s a classic emotional eater and she really tells her story well.  You will fall in love with her and she will give you hope that you can overcome this.  You will also be hugely motivated by her before and after pictures. I mean, wow!  What a difference!  She has a book too that I’ve just started reading.  Expect a review post from me very soon! Check her out at: andiemitchell.com
  5. Ask Roni – When it comes to showing up every day and doing the best you can, this is one of my favorite weight loss blogs. Roni’s favorite phrase and also the title of her book is – What You Can When You Can.  If ever there was a mantra I ened to stamp on my forhead so that I could be reminded everytime I see myself in the mirror – it’s that.  And she lives that philosophy every day and shares her life with you on her blog. She is honest, open, and inspiring.  Her journey took her from unhealthy and overweight, to skinny to toned to happy.  The journey is ongoing as all of ours is but the story is worth the read.  Expect a book review from me on her book as well!  (Man suddenly I have a lot of reading to do!)  You can find Roni at:  ronisweigh.com
  6. Fitness Fashionista – So let’s take weight loss and make it hip and fashionable. Think it can’t be done?  One of my favorite weight loss blogs has proven that it can!  My favorite thing about this blogger is actually not her blog but her Facebook group.  Last year she started a weight loss Facebook group and I have come to really on those woman so much!  It is so comforting to go to this page everyday and know that these ladies have my back!  I love it.  BUT – the blog is also super helpful.  She does a wonderful job of providing great tips and tools that you can use in your everyday life to help you meet your goals.  She is also well known for these printables that super colorful and really help you create vision boards and journals that will inspire you to stay on track!  Check out her blog and all of her wonderful products at:  fitnessfashionista.com
  7. Less of Beth . In a word – Bold.  This blog also has a Youtube channel with it where Beth admits to having to re-lose her regained weight.  As someone who has done that twice now I can say this is a tough thing to admit.  Really tough.  But Beth does it with grace and class and I am cheering her on as she goes at it once again!  lessofbeth.com
  8. It Sux to Be Fat – In a few words – very real, very honest, very open book. That’s how I’d describe this blog that made it to number 9 on my list of favorite weight loss blogs. She also has an incredibly supportive following and I have loved reading the comments and conversations that her posts generate as much as the posts themselves.  Join us in the conversation at:  itsuxtobefat.com
  9. Diary of an Aspiring Loser – The first thing you’ll notice when you go to this website now is that she crossed out the word “loser” and replaced it with “maintainer” because she succeeded at her goal and it now maintaining it.  And that is why this blog made it to my top ten favorite weight loss blogs.   I love that she crossed it out instead of full on replacing it because it’s a great way to remind you of where she started without a lot of explanation.  It’s always good to see the beginning of someone’s journey to remind yourself that everyone starts somewhere and we all meet each other at different points in our journey and we must remember that.   You can find this blog at:  diaryofanaspiringloser.com
  10. Authentically Emmie– Saving the best for last. This may be my favorite weight loss blog right now, although I’m not sure at this point that I can call it a weight loss blog anymore.  This is now a fitness, health inspired blog turned fashion and self-esteem.  Those are my words not hers exactly.  The story here is that she started off talking about her weight loss issues but the blog morphed into so much more.  Now when you read this blog it is full of beautiful pictures of a woman who is working to get healthier but it not living her life in limbo waiting for the day when she is finally thin.  This is something I struggle with so much in my life and I am working hard to get to where Emmie is at now, so her blog is especially important to me.  I love her confidence to wear beautiful bold colors at any size.  It’s beautiful. It’s brave. It’s awesome.  It’s something worth blogging about.  Which she does with elegance.  If you are in need of some self-esteem boosting or some help with self-love, this is the blog  for you.  You must check it out.  authenticallyemmie.com


It can be frustrating and lonely to walk this weight loss journey but it is crucial to our overall health and happiness.  Thank goodness that some brave souls have decided to blog about their journeys and give other people like them hope of a brighter day to come.  I have joined that group now even though I am nowhere near the end of my journey but I hope that my readers find comfort in my blog posts and can learn from my past as well as my current journey.  If you are thinking about starting a blog to share your journey, no matter what stage you are in, I encourage you to do it.  You might be the voice that someone is looking for to inspire them to make the same bold, healthy choice.

Take care friends.

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