10 Fun and Easy Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day without Ruining Your Diet

It is a cruel joke that Valentine’s Day comes only 6 weeks after everyone has made their New Year’s resolution to lose weight.  Enter the candy parade.  Valentine’s Day is about telling people you love and care about them. Contrary to popular belief there are many ways to do that without chocolate or candy.
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Here are 10 fun and new ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day that encourage a healthy relationship with food and allow you to celebrate without ruining your diet:

1. Remember that this holiday is about saying “I love you” and who better to say that to than yourself.  Treat Yourself! Show yourself all kinds of love and kindness by NOT stuffing your body with unnecessary sweets. Instead by yourself a non-edible gift like a new sexy pair of underwear or treat yourself to a manicure.
2. Remember that although this holiday is flanked with ads about chocolate, candy and chocolate are NOT actually exclusive to this holiday.  The same sweets you will see on your secretary’s desk on Valentines day are the same candies that are sold in the drugstore all day everyday. They just push them to the front aisles during this time of year and slap some red hearts on them to make you think they’re special. But they’re not.
3. Be a Valentine’s day food snob. If you simply must eat chocolate then make it really decadent. Don’t waste an extra 300 calories on a Snickers bar. Plus you’ll end up eating less if it tastes better because you’ll feel satisfied that much quicker.
4. Make a home cooked meal for your special someone. Nothing says I love you like a home cooked meal. And by cooking it yourself you can control what goes in it . Plus, you can teach your significant other that saying “I love you” through food does not have to pack on the pounds.  Instead it can mean,” I love you and I care about your health and what goes into your body. I want you to have the energy to live life to the fullest with me everyday.”
5.  Show love through your hands.  Make something beautiful with your own 2 hands. One of my new weight loss rules for the new year is to create more with my hands. A common trait of overeaters is that idle hands makes us snack. I find that making art projects or decorating around my house or cooling from scratch or gardening can make good use of my hands and make me feel more creative which fills a void that I would normally fill with mindless snacks.
6. Sex anyone? Please don’t forget this easy and beautiful gift. The gift that no sane man would turn down. Wrap yourself up in a bow and go to town. Not only is it free of money and calories, if you do it right, you’ll actually burn calories. Hazzah! Take that Chocolate!
7. Get poetic. We all have an inner poet in us and even the less sappier of us love to keep old love letters and poems for a rainy day to mind us that we’ve been loved in this lifetime at least once.
8. Pick up the phone.  Sometimes all our loved ones want is to hear our voice. It may seem simple and unimportant to you but to your grandmother, it’s everything.
9. Sing a song. Do you guys remember that scene in the movie, My Best Friend’s Wedding, when Julia Roberts is trying to embarrass Cameron Diaz by making her sing Karaoke in front of her fiance because she has a terrible voice? But he looooves it. Why? Because she’s brave enough to sing in front of a large crowd even though she totally blows just to prove how much she loves him. It’s gold.  So belt your heart out this valentines day, preferably in front of a large crowd,  Cameron Diaz style.
10. Just. Say. The Words. When’s the last time you told him, I love you? For some of us, it’s been a long time. For some of us it just doesn’t come naturally.  So maybe use this holiday as a special day to remember to say, I love you. Sometimes that’s all we need to fill the void in our hearts. The void we usually try to fill with food. Help someone fill the void this Valentine’s day.
We don’t need to be so cliche this holiday season.  Don’t pander to the commercials and act like you have no choice but to eat a high calorie meal and all of your secretary’s chocolate. If you take that approach you’ll be in for a long year because I got news for you. One month from now is St. Patrick’s Day, then three months from that is Memorial Day.  Mid-year, Oops there’s 4th of July, followed quickly by Labor Day.   Then we hit the end of year swing into Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Xmas.  And around and around we go. If we give in to the sterotypical “holiday treats” excuse of every holiday we’ll never reach our ideal body weight and we’ll be on eternal diets that never get achieved. So make a vow to find new ways to celebrate life and use this blog for inspiration!
Happy Valentine’s Day
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