5 Reasons Why Fasting is a Great Way to Prepare for Pregnancy/Motherhood (Fasting Day 8 and 9)

It has occurred to me that Fasting is preparing me for when I  pregnant and also for when  I am a new mother dealing with a newborn.  Here are five reasons how fasting will help:

1.  During Ramadan you fast from dawn to sunset and you do not consume any food or water.  This makes it very difficult to do any hard exercise.
hard exerciseSo any weight you were planning to “burn” off – Forget about it.  The only way to lose weight is to eat less and eat healthy – which is the main focus of this blog btw.  Just like when you are pregnant, exercise will be restricted and when you are a mother your time to exercise will be restricted.  The only way to control your weight will be primarily by having discipline over what you eat.
2.  Fasting requires patience and calmness.
meditateSo does pregnancy and motherhood.  During those nine months things will happen to your body as it prepares to bring life into the world and that process demands calmness and peace.
3.  Fasting builds your endurance.  16.5-17 hours of no water, no food, and keeping your attitude positive – that is a long time.  You get stronger of mind and will and you can endure.  Labor often requires such endurance and of course all Mothers must have endurance.
4.  Fasting in the summer months will test your ability to exist on less sleep and to take naps when you can.
clockSound familiar?  That’s right – those first months with a newborn.  If you did Ramadan, expecially in the summer months, you’ll be ready.  I’m getting up at 2:50 am and going to work at 6:30 am.   I go to work and I go the whole day without food or water until 8:30 pm.  But I preserve my energy for only what I have to do. This skill will come in handy when I have a child.
5.  Fasting makes the impossible – possibleendurance
My coworkers, friends, and non-Muslim family can not believe I fast in the summer. They think it’s insane.  They all say, “I could never do that.  Who does that? It’s crazy.  No water?! Get out of here!”    Who does that, you ask?  This girl.  This girl does it along with 2 billion other people around the world.  It can be done.  And so it begs the question – what can’t be done.
I feel invincible at the end of every Ramadan.  I have a built in security that “I can do anything” and I carry that confidence all year long until my next boost, the next Ramadan.  Motherhood, especially with a newborn, requires endurance.  Late nights, breastfeeding, crying babies, constant monitoring over someone else- you need endurance and you need to know that you are capable.  Fasting can give you that.
If you are not practicing Ramadan, you can still reap the benefits of fasting as a preparation for when you become pregnant and become a mother by fasting on your own accord whether it be spiritual or just for health.  It will help you.  I promise.
Thursday and Friday’s  eating went like this:

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Food Boredom and New Things to Come (Fasting Day 7)

foodpost_041315_dinnerWednesday, July 24, 2015

Aren’t you sick of seeing the same meals on my “what I ate today” section of this blog, day after day after day.  I mean it’s obvious I love sweet potatoes, but damn.  Give it a rest already!  Well, No More!  You are going to see a lot more variety from me starting this week.  But first let me explain my monotony with food lately.

I am usually not this boring.  But, when I decided to take that next step and clean my diet up even more (it wasn’t all that bad folks!)   I felt like the best way to stay on track was to decide what I love that fits into the rules of the Virgin Diet and then just stick with that so that I only had to focus my mind on the other parts, like journaling how I felt physically and eating at the right times and drinking enough water at the right times.  I didn’t want to spend all kinds of time on what I was eating and worrying bout if it had the 7 high FI foods in them so instead I figured that out up front and then just kept the menu consistent.
So why didn’t I change it after the 21 days was over?

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Do Something Scary and then Experience ‘The Great Relief’ (Fasting Days 4,5, and 6 Miracle Morning Day 5/6)

Yesterday I had an interview.  I was on edge all day just waiting for it.  I do this thing to myself that I think adds to my overall happiness in life.  i wonder if any of you have ever tried it or maybe you do it and don’t realize you do it.

 I challenge myself with things that put me out of my comfort zone and they cause a certain level of stress and excitement and I don’t want to use a negative word like anxiety but you feel something like that too but in a good way because you know you should be doing this thing – it’s good for you.  But when it’s over it’s like I gave myself a treat. Because I feel this rush of relief and excitement that I did this thing and I went for it and it was new and scary but scary in the best possible way.  You feel exhilirated.  And it’s just such a great feeling!  And then the next day (or even the next hour) is like a vacation, you know? You did this hard thing and now you can relax. But you don’t get to the mini vacation until you take the risk.  You must take the risk.  You must make that speech, go to that interview, try that new workout.  You must take the challenge to experience the release of the rush afterward.  But trust me……..it’s totally worth it. And this is the only way to grow. And when you grow you are happy.  You must push yourself outside of your comfort zone in order to be happy.

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