How to Make The Perfect Breakfast Smoothie


Okay, so I’m sure this has been done a million different ways.  So maybe I should’ve said “How to Make My Favorite Breakfast Smoothie”.  This is my favorite because this is the one that has proven to keep me feeling satisfied for hours throughout the morning.  In fact when it is time for lunch I am still………okay.  I could eat.  But I’m not starving.  I’m even tempered and calm.  That is a huge difference from as little as 3 months ago. So what smoothie is this.  You probably guessed it.  It’s the Virgin Diet Shake.  The recipe can be found in the book, The Virgin Diet, by J.J. Virgin. But wait!  I am adding to this recipe with instructions on how to make it so that you don’t make a mess of your kitchen and your blender and you can make it  super fast.

So my ingredients: Continue reading