How to Distract Yourself from Eating (or What I Didn’t Eat Tuesday)

Before I post for the ever popular “What I Ate Wednesday” I thought I’d do quick post on my victory yesterday. So I’ve gotten myself into this long drawn out process of painting stripes on a wall in my room.  We can all thank Pinterest for that!  Pinterest is a dangerous place people, let me tell you.  I’m working on creating a home office/guest bedroom space and I saw this picture of a striped room that I loved.

striped wall_Pinterest

(Source:  Pinterest via – )

And so I decided this was my inspiration and that I too wanted yellow and white and yes – a striped wall.  So now I find myself in painting hell.  The real hell is using the laser to make the straight line to then put up string to hold the straight line and finally put up frog tape to keep the straight line.  Key words:  straight line.  So hard!  And tedious!  The first stripe I did I messed up and it bled through a little on the tape and so it wasn’t perfect.  I almost gave up but I already had all those perfect straight taped lines so I took a deep breath thought about what I did, made a few tweaks and tried again.  Second line – success!

Here’s a look at my progress so far:

striped wall_phase 1_1


striped wall_phase 1_2

As you can see I’m not trying to do the exact same pattern as the Pinterest picture because that was just way too many little lines.  I’m not a complete masochist – almost, but not completely.  But guess what I didn’t do while I was taping, measuring, and finally painting – Eating!  Yes, that’s right, it always comes back to that doesn’t it.  🙂  I didn’t snack nearly as much this past weekend because I was in that God forsaken room the entire weekend making straight lines.  “Hey, What’d you do this weekend? Oh not much, just made some straight lines.”  I couldn’t even say I painted because I didn’t start that until Monday. Continue reading