Dieting Failures in the Middle of Your Success



Let me start by saying that my food list for both these days is going to be very long.  So right off the bat, you know we have a problem.

What can I say?  On Friday I was feeling very antsy in anticipation of a big volunteer planting day that I was orchestrating for Saturday morning. I’ve basically been leading up to this for the past six months.  This project was my capstone project for the end of a class I was in – a community environmental stewardship program.   The completion of this project marks the completion of my year-long program.  Needless to say I was very relieved that it was coming to an end but also very nervous about it all going well.

Add to this that I have not been getting a lot of sleep. Did you now that sleep deprivation can make you overeat?  Crazy, right?  But basically, I think that it is safe for all overeaters to assume that when anything is off in your life – any of your basic necessities, you are more susceptible than other people to use food to try to “fix” that emptiness you feel from the deprivation of whatever it is you’re missing that actually has nothing to do with food.  So, try to beware of that tendency in yourself. Continue reading

The Best Habit I Learned from Fitbit and Reinforced with MyFitness Pal



I haven’t used my Fitbit in a few months because I seem to be pretty good on my 10,000 steps goal pretty consistently and I was mostly using Fitbit to remind me to log my food.  Sort of like the old rubberband trick – except it was my Fitbit watch.  Anyway, that was working great until I discovered MyFitness Pal.

myfitness pal

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Don’t Let Traveling Deter You from Your Weight Loss Goals!

BODY REVOLUTION  (Day 43-49, October 22-27, 2015)

plane in flight

My apologies for being a little absentee.   I was out of town but this post covers those days. I got home yesterday and then I had to play catchup at work.

I visited my little brother this past weekend and had an absolute ball!  Thanks little bro! We went to a real estate seminar and left feeling so pumped about our life and our goals, it was awesome.

As you know, I am still in the midst of the 90-Day Body Revolution Challenge and I was super nervous about getting my workouts in and eating right during this trip.  


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