2016 Lessons Learned

2016 lessons learned; new year's resolutions; weight loss lessons


This has been a great year of lessons for me.  I’ve come so far in my weight loss journey, and NOT because I lost a lot of weight.  In fact, since I decided to get pregnant midway through the year, half the year was actually spent gaining weight but that did not stop my growth in this department.

I write this blog to bond with other people who struggle with their body image, their relationship with food, and their obsession with losing weight.  I write in hopes that as I learn a better way,  I can share that way with all of you and hopefully help you in your journey too.

The best decision I made all year regarding my weight loss journey was to join the Live More Weigh Less Mastery Program.  This program solidified the foundation I started with my reading of the  book, A Course in Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever by Marrianne Williamson.  I truly believe that without first reading that book in 2015, I would not have been open to this wonderful program and all that it had to offer me.

This year I continued my work with my Nutritionist who as I’ve said many times before has become more of my Nutritional Therapist than my Nutritionist.  I have found LMWL to be a beautiful compliment to the work we are doing together as well.

I also continued to be blessed by the book angels this year and I have had a marvelous year of reading.  Each book that I felt drawn to read this year complimented the last and added to my understanding of myself and what I want for my life.

So, without further ado, here are my lessons learned this year:  

“Your life should be more exciting than your lunch” – Sarah Jenks

  1. The more I focus on my weight and food, the less progress I make in actually losing weight.  This is a lesson learned over the course of 2 years or maybe you could say over the course of my entire life but I am finally getting it.  The more I focus on the rest of my life and creating a life that I am totally in love with, the less I worry about food and the most weight I actually lose.  


  2. Stress makes me eat more.  The daily tasks of life can stress me out unnecessarily. The more systems I put into place to simplify those tasks, the less stressful my life is.  This is a of the lessons learned that keeps improving as I find more systems to implement.  This year I established a mailing system, and a laundry system, a new system for clothes shopping, and a new closet organizing system,  and I worked with Plan to Eat to help me improve my meal prep system. This year I plan to continue to explore other meal prep programs and I plan to look into outsourcing some of my daily tasks.  I’ve been listening to Chalene Johnson preach all year abut the importance of outsourcing those tasks you do not enjoy and are probably not good at and I’m finally ready to take that next step.  I am also looking forward to seeing how many more systems  I can put in place in my life before the baby arrives. face your fear
  3. My body has much more important jobs to do than to “look good”.  Never has this been more evident than now during my pregnancy.  My body is literally growing another human being while making sure that I am okay at the same time.  That’s f*ing amazing!  There’s no other way to put that.  A living, breathing miracle is occurring right here inside me every day and I am in awe of my body’s ability to do this.  How dare I ask my body for such frivolous things like “thin thighs” or “flat abs”.  Seriously?  That’s the best I can come up with? No.  Our bodies were meant to be our engines, our life force, the machines that carry us through all of our dreams.  Our bodies  are our temples…….literally.  We should feel blessed everyday for all that they are able to do for us every day that we breathe – including the breathing!   It took this long to learn that lesson but finally I get it.   
  4. My appearance is a vital key to my everyday happiness.  This was one of the least expected lessons learned.  At first glance this might seem like a contradiction to what I’ve been saying before but listen closer.  Focusing on looking my very best and looking the way I want to feel in the world, and putting effort and energy into that area of my life has made me infinitely more happy.  For years  I ignored my wardrobe and I downplayed wearing jewelry and looking my best because I thought that I didn’t deserve to do that. I thought I had to earn that right by losing weight.  I kept saying, “I’ll have a fantastic wardrobe once I get my weight down”.  But I have finally learned how wrong that all was.  Waiting to lose weight before you start to live your life is no way to live.  And believing that beauty only belongs to the thin is wrong.  Everyone is beautiful in their own way regardless of their weight.  We should honor our own beauty every day and do so in a way that shows off our authentic selves.
  5. My final lesson for 2016:  Life is just getting started.  I’ve done some good stuff, don’t get me wrong. I’ve had a good life thus far and I am so so blessed.  But this time that I have spent obsessing about my diet, my body, my weight – that was all wasted.  Wasted energy, wasted time.  Of all the lessons learned this year, this was the most important.  I could have been using my time for so many more valuable and wonderful things. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not regretful.  I am blessed to have these life lessons and I understand that I went through all of that for a reason.  It has made me a stronger person with more resolve than ever before to live my life full out.  I’ve got things to do in this life still and I can’t get to them if all I do is worry about how I look and how much I weigh.  I finally get that now.  Finally.


I know these aren’t the typical lessons learned from a weight loss blog but I guess that’s part of the lessons learned for 2016.  At its core this is not really a weight loss blog. This is a “how to end your obsession with weight loss by beginning an obsession with your life” blog.

I hope you will join me in 2017 to  make this community even stronger, full of wonderful people like yourselves who are demanding an incredible life for themselves full of joy, self-care, and insane, creative adventures that push us to the limit and make us look back and say, “Damn, I am in love with my life!”  Cheers!


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