10 Favorite Weight Loss Blogs



When I started my blog, almost a year ago, I was already hooked to a few weight loss blogs and lifestyle blogs that inspired me to tell my own story.  While I definitely got a lot of great tips and tools to use to help me on my journey, the most important thing I got was a ton of good background stories.  The individual stories of each of these bloggers are what really helped me because inside each story of a former overeater or a struggling dieter, I saw a piece of myself.  And whether the blogger had accomplished her goal and was in maintenance or was still struggling, I really related to her story and I felt connected.   I think connection in today’s world is so important.  We all want to feel understood and loved and heard.  And I felt heard when I read their stories.  I felt like, “she gets me”.  She understands what I’ve been going through.  And I thought to myself, one day, I want someone to feel that way about me.  So I started this blog in hopes that I can help just one person out there feel the way I felt when I read these blogs.  Like there is someone else out there fighting this battle alongside me and we’re going to do this thing together – one day at a time.

So today I’d like to give a shout-out to my favorite weight loss blogs that shared their story and say thank you for showing up each and every week to help other people out there who are struggling just like you, just like me.  I hope you find comfort from their stories the way that I have. Continue reading

5 Tricks to Stop “Closet Eating” and Heal Your Relationship with Food

5 Tips to Stop Closet Eating and Heal Your Relationship with Food

5 tricks to stop closet eatingWhat is “closet eating”?  I’m a closet eater which means I eat the worst when I think no one is watching.  I’m more conscious about making healthy choices when I’m around people which is why people are so confused about why I’m overweight.  All they ever see is me trying to be healthy.  Go figure.  L  Anyway, I made a decision to stop eating alone so much as a way to help me with my overeating.  If I’m in front of people more I simply won’t overeat. Problem solved.  Well – problem better solved I suppose.  But hey, it’s one more tool to add to the toolbox.  We overeaters need all the help we can get.  So here are five ideas I came up with for how we can try to have more meals in the company of others. Continue reading

5 Ways to Stay on Track on Your Weekend Getaway

I just came back from a quick weekend getaway because  my sister got married! Yay!  I was only out of town for the weekend, flew out Friday, and came back Sunday.  But even with this short trip, staying on my diet plan was a challenge.  Whenever you give yourself a schedule whether it be for work, or working out or eating, you start to depend on that routine to keep you on task.  And when you disrupt that routine sometimes it can throwstay on track on weekend getaway you for a loop.  Continue reading