5 Tips for How to Move On After a Weekend of Overeating

Monday Regrets: How to Move On After a Weekend of Overeating ( 5 tips)

Mondays can be extremely challenging days if you were not good to your body on the weekend.  And even if you weren’t horrific but you just didn’t eat as planned, you can wake up feeling loaded with regret.  But we have to be careful because regret can turn into self-loathing which can turn into full on self-sabotage.  We start to say things like, “well, I screwed it all up, no point in doing anything good now!  Oh well, might as well eat whatever I want!”   That is exactly the opposite of what we should be thinking.  5 tips for moving on; weekend of overeating; overeating on the weekend


Instead we must figure out a way to regroup and start anew.  I’ve been here many a Monday and here are 5 real tips that truly help me to get back to healthy eating and move on from a weekend of overeating.

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Exercising versus Moving More: 5 Tips to Increase Your Daily Activity

So last week I talked about how working out should be used to improve your overall health and happiness but it shouldn’t be used to move the number on the scale.  When I did my goal setting for the new year I used a program called 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever and in that program they teach you to look at recurring themes of the previous year to help you identify5 tips moving more where you need to improve.

One of my recurring themes was that I needed to Move More.  I spent a lot of time last year separating exercise from nutrition and working to exercise only for pleasure and for my overall health and less focusing on what it did for me on that scale.   But I realized that outside of my prescribed “workouts” I wasn’t simply moving a lot in my day to day activities.  There was way too much sitting going on and sitting makes you more susceptible to thinking you’re hungry when you’re not.  You’re bored or uninspired or unfulfilled in some other way that you are confusing with hunger.  So I started looking at ways that I could increase my everyday movement and here are my top tips for moving more without actually having to do a prescribed workout. Continue reading

exercising too much; exercising for weight loss not health; ways to stay healthy with exercise mentally

5 Tips to Help You Maintain a Healthy Relationship with Exercise

5 Tips to Help You Maintain a Healthy Relationship with Exercise

healthy relationship with exercise; heal your relationship with food

On this blog, I try to help you (and myself) fix our little crazy heads and get to the truth of the matter. But sometimes the time it takes to fix our brains and really figure out how to heal can take a long time.  But we don’t have to wait until the end of that part of the journey to start see some of the results.

At FoodLoveMe/FoodHateMe we are here to fix all of the pieces of ourselves that have led to our emotional overeating.  Some of you already know how to lose weight , you’ve done it before but you haven’t been successful keeping it off.  Others are learning for the first time.  Regardless, when we finally lose it, we all want to keep it off forever.  So we’re doing the hard work to make sure it sticks.  I call this our “truth journey”.   But while we’re getting through that journey, it’s nice to have some tips and tricks to help us along the way.  Afterall, we are human and just because we have an Ah-hah moment about something doesn’t mean that we instantly change our behavior.  So in a previous post, I talked about the proper role exercise should play in our lives and I warned of the danger of allowing exercise to be your “solution” to weight loss.  Some of you may already be in that situation.  So, if I didn’t catch you in the beginning of your exercise obsession and you’re needing some extra help to get out of the addiction or if you are in the beginning stages of exercising but you already fear what I’m telling you, here are some tips to help make sure you do not associate exercise too much with your eating and/or your weight loss.  I’ve been here before and I know what the triggers are.  These are the tricks that have worked for me over this past year to really fix my addiction to exercise and keep it a healthy part of my life. Continue reading