5 Tips for Enjoying the Holidays without Gaining Weight


It’s that time of year again.  We just had Halloween, Thanksgiving is next week, and Christmas and New Year’s will be soon to follow.  And the biggest question on the minds of all of us in the FoodLove Community is: How can I survive this without ending the year with 10 extra pounds I seriously don’t need?

FoodLove Girl to the rescue!  Follow these 5 tips to get yourself prepped and excited for a fun-filled holiday that ends with no regret. Continue reading

Face Your Biggest Fears to Help You Lose Weight

So what happens when you finally face your fear? You start living,  that’s what.
face your biggest fear to help you lose weight; scared to lose weight
I have news for you. Dieting , journaling our food, over-exercising, counting our points, obsessing over our weight- THAT IS NOT LIVING! At least not very well.
Think about how many hours of your life have been wasted obsessing over your weight. How many opportunities have you passed up because you claimed you needed to focus on your weight-loss? And how many times have you promised yourself that as soon as you got to your ideal weight you’d go after that dream?
My dream for this blog, FoodLoveMe/FoodLoveMe, is that I can stop all of you from obsessing over your weight and help you to start living your lives.  I used to think that meant experimenting on myself and figuring out the best way to control emotional overeating and then teaching that to you. But now I realize that the goal is really more about  helping you learn how to live full out and fill your lives with so much great shit that you simply don’t have room in your life for obsessing over your weight.  And achieving this goal starts with first helping you to  face your fear.

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