5 Ideas to Keep Halloween From Ruining Your Diet


Halloween is tomorrow!  Don’t freak out.  Yes there will be candy everywhere but you can handle it.  You got this!

Here are five suggestions to make sure that Halloween doesn’t trick us into ruining all the hard work we’ve been doing:

gourmet chocolate

  1.  Become a Candy Snob.  Last year I realized that my taste in sweets has become sophisticated enough that I do not like the cheap candy that I buy to give to kids. I bit into a piece of milk chocolate peanut butter cup and I hated it.  Why? Because I had switched to Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter cups. And they make those standard peanut butter cups seem sub-standard.  I couldn’t even finish it.  So all that candy sitting at my door looked like fake food to me – food I wouldn’t eat if you paid me.  It truly tasted nasty to me.  So spend some money and train your tastebuds to like high-end chocolate and then you won’t like the taste of traditional “Halloween candy” anymore.
  2. Stay away from the secretary’s desk. At work there is usually all types of bowls out front at the secretary’s desk or coworker’s desk with candy – like it’s a decoration or something but inevitably you find yourself reaching for a piece everytime you walk by.  Stop it!  How about you be the person that brings in a bowl of fruit.  Or if they have a sign up front next to the candy like my office does that says “Happy Halloween” – gently move the sign in front of the candy so you can’t see it.  They may move it back but keep moving it in front – even the action of moving the sign helps you set up the mindset that you are rejecting this candy.

halloween candy outside

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3.  Leave your candy outside in a big box with a sign that says “Happy Halloween, Help Yourself”.  or you can say “Please take one”. That way, it’s out of your house and you still contributed to the holiday but you’re not sitting there all night staring at this candy and willing yourself to not eat it.  Give your willpower some help – remove the temptation!  Sure, of course some greedy kid may take too much but again – you made the sign, everyone knows your intent, that’s enough.  And I just found a cool trick on Pinterest – use double sided tape to stick the candy to the container – that way it’s hard to get off and the kids are less likely  to take too much at a time.

4.  Create a scavenger hunt with your candy.  If you have nice bushes and chairs and trees in your front yard, create a scavenger hunt of your candy and put a list of easy clues together and put the handout in a box outside so you don’t even have to monitor it.  You can have the kids searching for the candy. Again, here the idea is that the candy is not sitting in your house waiting for the next kid to come and get it and taunting you in the meantime.  Plus I think the kids will love it.


5.  Opt out. Growing up, my family didn’t celebrate Halloween so  I am a pro at this.  Simply decide that the temptations are not worth the risk of ruining your diet and opt out of Halloween this year.  Don’t dress up.  Don’t buy candy.  Turn off your lights, close the curtains and rent a movie.  Go to the back of your house or the basement and watch a movie and eat a healthy dinner and maybe a little piece of good dark chocolate and call it a night.  If you live in a really kid friendly neighborhood like I do or if you have kids yourself, this may not be possible but if it is possible – you may want to try it just once.  Opting out can be very liberating and you’ll be able to stay on track with your diet and the next day you won’t have any regrets!

 So, let’s make a plan and get ready, I don’t want to come back here on November 1st with tears and failed war stories about how many chocolate kisses we stuffed in our mouths!  Anybody else got any  great ideas to help us through this holiday? We need all the tips we can get!


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