5 Reasons to Embrace Your Plus Size Pregnancy

My biggest fear used to be that I wouldn’t lose weight before I got pregnant. I was so fearful of going into a pregnancy when I was already overweight that I delayed getting pregnant for several years even when I was ready to start a family.  I was not so overweight that doctors were worried about me having a healthy pregnancy. No.  I just wasn’t at my ideal weight or whatever I had decided that should be.

5 Reasons to Embrace Your Plus Size Pregnancy



When I finally faced my fears not only did I get pregnant and have a beautiful, healthy son (Yay!) but I also realized that my fears were in fact assets.  If you think that being overweight means that you can’t get pregnant or that you won’t enjoy your pregnancy think again.  I ended up not only facing my fears but enjoying a large part of my pregnancy (not the very end!).

Here are five good reasons to embrace your plus size pregnancy:


1. You’re used to carrying around extra weight. You know what that feels  like so while unpleasant at times, it won’t feel as foreign as it will to someone who has never put on weight before.

2. Less unwanted attention.  Look, I personally think pregnancy looks beautiful on everyone similar to how all brides look beautiful.  However, if the idea of being gawked at or getting more attention than you’re used to bothers you, you may not need to worry as much if you’re already overweight. Depending on how much extra weight you are carrying, it may be less obvious to people that you are pregnant. The other bonus is that unlike your skinny counterpart,  you’ll have more control over when you have to tell people like your boss that you’re pregnant.

3. You finally have permission to be overweight. After all these years of feeling like you messed up because you weren’t your ideal weight once you get pregnant you will finally have permission to be fat. Once they know you’re pregnant, no one will dare tell you that you need to lose weight. For once in your life that subject will be off limits to everyone.  10 blissful months of silence from all the people in your life who love to comment on your weight. If that’s not a great reason to embrace your plus size pregnancy, I don’t know what is!  Enjoy the quiet.

4. Fun shopping for bigger sizes. In the past you may have cringed at the prospect of going shopping for larger sizes. While I have many opinions about dressing your best no matter what size you are,  if you feel differently this may cheer you up.  Being pregnant is a different type of weight gain.  It’s socially acceptable. It’s expected. Hell, its required. People cheer you on as you shop for cute maternity clothes that celebrate that pretty bump. So hold your head high, and march into those stores and have fun.

5.  Losing weight is NOT a new concept. You’ve been through the process of losing weight before so at least you know how to get started after you have the baby. Many thin people have never worked out ever so the prospect of exercising to lose baby fat is extremely overwhelming.  But not for you.  You’re a veteran.

So don’t fret. Be brave and get pregnant so you can live the life you really want and stop waiting on the weight.  If your doctor says you’re healthy enough to have a baby then your weight should not be a factor.  Embrace your body as it is today and thank her for being the magnificent vessel that will bring a child into the world.  Focus on that!

Have you been delaying your happiness in other areas of your life because you’re trying to lose weight first?  What have you postponed until you reach your ideal size?  Leave a comment below.  Let’s discuss. We must help each other to abandon this belief that our lives begin after we lose the weight.

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