5 Reasons Why Blogging Will Help You Lose Weight


5 Reasons Why Blogging Will Help You Lose Weight

This week has been all about “why”.  Why we are all trying to lose weight.  What are our deepest reasons for wanting to achieve this goal and how can we use that “why” to really  get it done.  Each of our “whys” serve not only ourselves but they also serve the people we share them with.  When I hear your “why” I gain new perspective on my weight loss journey.  I need to hear your “why” and that’s why I want you to start a weight loss blog too.  Here are five good reasons for you to start a weight loss blog today:

  1. I need you to blog because I need to hear your story. As I said before, everyone’s journey is different and when you’re trying to lose weight you want to (or should want to) hear as many stories as you can for extra emotional support, for tips and new ideas, and to conquer loneliness.
  2. I need you to blog because I, like a lot of people, am always looking for new strategies and tips to make this journey a little quicker and a little easier.  I mean for goodness sakes, it’s been 20 years!  Enough already!  If you’ve got a suggestion I want to hear it!
  3. I need you to blog to help build this community. I have a vision. From what I’ve seen that are a ton of weight loss gimmick websites out there – similar to how there are a ton of weight loss gimmick products out there – trying to sell you things that promise a quick fix when really that is not what’s going to get you what you want. In my 20 years of weight loss ups and downs I have found that the biggest issues are – knowing how to eat, what to eat, having resources for effective workouts, and most recently – having tools to help you come to terms with what’s going on with you emotionally – in your heart.   I have a vision of people like me, banding together in this close-knit community of weight loss bloggers that offer real help through leading by example. If each of us posts our stories on line and teach people what to do and what not to do by using ourselves as the guinea pigs ,we will help that many more people lose weight. Collectively we can make the weight loss space a more safe, more honest place to learn and grow in.
  4. If you blog you will be more accountable. And if you are more accountable you will lose weight. It’s a simple as that. Study after study shows that people who have a buddy show up to the gym more often. When you know someone is counting on you, you have more incentive to do what you need to do than when it’s only on you and nobody cares. If you blog and you start to grow a following – people will care. They will wait, with bated breath to see if you make that weight goal. Okay, maybe not bated breath but you get what I’m saying- more will be at stake. It’s scary I know but it’s also liberating because you’re not hiding anymore, you’re not keeping it to yourself like this shameful thing you’re struggling with. You’re putting yourself out there and that action makes this journey morph into a whole new thing. Suddenly, your success makes you a little bit of an expert. People think, oh, she says she lost 10 lbs – how’d she do that? Or, Oh, she’s kept that weight off for 2 years, how’d that happen? And they start to rely on your for advice and then as a result it becomes that more important that you don’t fail, that you don’t slide backwards. You’re a role model. Imagine that. You, who struggled with weight loss for upteen years – now a person that other people look to for weigh loss advice. The tables will turn my friend. Start a blog and see how much.
  5. I need you to blog because I want us to make weight loss our bitch. Did you know that you can make money from blogging?   How awesome would it be to take this thing (weight loss) that has plagued us for so many years and cost us so much money and time over the years – and make it our bitch. Turn it into not only a safe place to share and learn and grow but also to profit from. We could all go from being broke, overweight, miserable people desperately wanting a change to strong, healthy and fit entrepreneurs who now get weight loss to “pay us”. That’s why I have a series on my blog called “Food Cost Me/Food Pay Me” – right now I blog about how much I’m spending on groceries with a hope to change it but ultimately I hope to talk about how I’ve gone a full 180 and now I’m getting “food” to pay me. Wouldn’t that be cool? And wouldn’t it be empowering to surround yourself with hundreds of other people enjoying the same benefits? They say misery loves company. I say happiness enjoys company that much more. Join me and start a blog today.  Start a blog like you mean it by self-hosting through “Bluehost today.  I am an affiliate of this company because I believe it is the easiest way to start a blog online using wordpress.com.  “Bluehost makes it easy to setup and their customer service is incredibly supportive and responsive.  Try it out and let’s take this weight loss community to a new level together.

Today’s eating went like this:

Breakfast: Virgin Diet Smoothie

2 cups of tea with unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Lunch: Virgin Diet Smoothie (with a banana added)

snacks: 1 coconut cultured yogurt; 1 Grande Caramel Light Soy Frappucino with Caramel Drizzle; 3 cups of grapes

Dinner: Virgin Diet Smoothie (with a banana added)

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