5 Reasons You Should Commit to an Early Morning Workout Routine


early morning workout

I often switch in 6 month intervals between working out before work and working out after work.  And several times in the past three years I’ve worked out during my lunch hour due to my Bootcamp schedule.  But my longest runs of successfully working out on a routine basis, every single day have always been when I’ve committed to early morning workouts.   Here are five reasons why should consider doing the same:

1.       The satisfaction of getting one thing done on the to-do list.  No matter what happens the rest of your day you can leave the house knowing that at least you got your workout done.  If you’ve never worked out in the morning, you have no idea how gratifying it can be to head off to work knowing that you’ve already gotten your workout in for the day. It’s so satisfying.

2.       You can set the tone for a more productive day.  It’s funny but on days when I do my workout in the morning I actually find that I’m even more productive during the rest of the day than on days when I don’t do a morning workout.  One reason is that I’ve kind of set the tone of the day that this is a day when I get stuff done.  So I’m more inclined to be more productive.  And secondly, I have more energy.  Provided you got enough sleep, working out in the morning can provide a tremendous boost of energy for the rest of your day.

3.       You eliminate the stress and worry of thinking about your workout all day.  If you are someone who will “work out no matter what” like I am, then if you wait to do your workout in the evening, I’m sure that you’ve experience this feeling where the workout sort of plagues you all day because you’re constantly worried about whether or not you’re  going to get out of work on time and whether or not you’ll have the energy by the end of the day.  It ends up taking up a lot of mental energy that could be better spent doing other things if you just get that workout out of the way first thing in the morning.

4.       It could turn you into a morning person.  They say “The early bird catches the worm”  I think that is true, if you start  getting up to do your workouts in the morning, you may find that you can turn into a morning person and then you can get all of your work done when your body is fresh and most alert.

5.       If you are an emotional, overeater like me, it helps you separate exercise and good eating behaviors.  Often, when I still have my workout to do in the evening  I find that I attach my eating throughout the day to this workout I haven’t done yet.  If I overeat, then I say to myself, “ooh, I better tack on another 30 minutes to my workout this evening” or “whew, good thing I’m working out this evening to make up for that” and it becomes a trade-off which ultimately means no overall weight loss. But when I workout in the morning I find myself saying “you have no workout to make up for this food because the workouts already come and gone” – what you eat now is what you eat.  Or I’ll think “You did all that hard work this morning, don’t mess it up with your eating today”.  It’s all words, and we can make up any story to tell ourselves but I find that I have much more positive words and words that assist me in eating better throughout the day when I workout in the morning.  The workout becomes something I want to hold in high honor and not destroy with eating as opposed to a saving grace for what I already ate.


So get up with me, bright and early tomorrow morning. Try it.  You just might like it!

Today’s eating:

Breakfast – Virgin Diet Smoothie

Lunch – Virgin Diet Smoothie

Snack – blueberry coconut cultured “yogurt”

Dinner – 4 scrambled eggs; 1 1/2 cups of grapes

Dessert- 4 chocolate/oatmeal bites; hot tea plain

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