5 Reasons to Sign up for Bootcamp!


As we look toward the new year, we all start to think about our health and how we can make it better in 2016.  While I think you should start working on that right now and not wait for January 1st to roll around, a great way to get a boost in January is to sign up for a Bootcamp.  Now normally when people say Bootcamp, you think of an outdoor program with a drill sergeant.   This can be quite frightening especially if you live anywhere that has a true winter and it’s always freezing in January.  But at my gym, we have a bootcamp that is indoors. I’ve mentioned it before, it’s 2-3 weeks long and we have two teachers and basically they just take the Cardio Sculpt class and Barre class that they normally teach all year but amp it up majorly!  It is brutal.  It really kicks your butt.

I made a decision this past summer to tag out of gym classes for a while for budget reasons and that’s been going fine, I’ve maintained my workouts at home,  but every time I get a notice in my email about the next bootcamp I get a little sad because I really do love doing those and the latest one for January just got opened up which reminded me of this post that I’d been meaning to do for you guys.

Here are five reasons why I think you should find a bootcamp near you and help yourself get started on your health goals for 2016.


  1. Comraderie.  This is my number one reason for doing a  bootcamp.  You will be surrounded by other people that made the same commitment as you and it will drive you to follow the program and finish strong. My bootcamp always comes with a meal plan and that’s how you really see the results is when you follow that and every morning when you come in to class, all the other people are talking about what the yate the night before and it helps remind you that there is a diet that goes along with this bootcamp. I think those reminders help a lot. And knowing that there are 14 other people in the class with you, struggling with you – helps a lot too. competition
  2. Competition.  When you are in class together, the other people will push you to go harder than you would’ve done on your own.  Don’t think of like  in a negative way, but more like  a positive version of “Keeping up with the Joneses”.  I like to call it “Keeping up with the Skinnies”.  🙂   You will find that you push yourself more than you thought you could even go which is a really awesome feeling at the end of a tough workout. credit card
  3. Financial Commitment.  I truly believe that putting money where your mouth is ensures your success. If I pay $300 for a 2 week class, you better believe I’m gonna bust my butt to show up every day and give it my all.  And any day that I feel like not going, I’ll remember that $300 and get up anyway.  Can you say the same about a $12 dvd? Sometimes we need to throw money at the problem.  Make it hurt your wallet and you’ll have that extra motivation to keep going.push button
  4. Push the Reset Button.  Bootcamp can allow you to push the reset button on your current exercise and diet plan or lack thereof.  You can just mentally say, “Today is a new day and this bootcamp is the path to success”.  Allow yourself to sort of be in the zone and focus completely on the bootcamp and then when it’s over………..just keep it going.  That’s all you have to do – keep it going.  In my bootcamp, our teacher actually talks with us about transitioning in that final week so that we’re not left hanging out in the wind with no idea what to do next.you do what I say
  5. Mindless Direction.  As adults sometimes we feel like letting someone else take the wheel.  “Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it” is a sentiment felt by many, especially when we feel like we don’t know what to do – how to get started.  I have often felt that way with weight loss. After all the fad diets, and promising exercise gadgets, you find yourself screaming, “Just tell me what to do and I”ll do it!”.  I’m sure many of my overeater friends out there can relate.  Enter – bootcamp.  Just let someone else tell you what to do for 2-3 weeks and presto – you’ll find yourself on a new path to success.

So, look at your local gyms, maybe take a class or two beforehand to see if you get along with the teacher and then give yourself a true Happy New Year by treating yourself to an intense bootcamp to start off 2016!  Here’s to you and your new healthy lifestyle!

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