5 Ways that Falling in Love with Fall Can Help You Lose Weight

I love love, love the fall. Did I say love? Looove. And I always want to recruit people in this obsession with fall. So my little weight loss seekers, I thought I’d play on your desire to lose weight by telling you that I think fall is the best season for you to get in shape and revamp your healthy habits. Here are five ways that the beautiful season of Fall can support a healthier lifestyle:

  1. It’s cooler outside.  I  don’t know about you but August can be a pretty inactive month for me. It’s so hot and humid that I just sort of slow down and move way less. And in fact we can forget that we’re doing that because often we’re still outside but maybe we’re lounging around the pool or laying in a hammock so we’re like well, I’m not watching television but I’ll bet most of us aren’t running a few miles a day either. Let the cool weather reinvigorate you to get moving. It’s so much easier to go running or cycling or walking in September compared to August.   apples-in-the-fall
  2. The fall is full of new flavors and foods.  Allow the change of season to be a time when you liven up your meals by switching to some fruit and vegetables that are in season during the fall. Est some yummy apples. There are so many varieties in season right now it’s incredible. Pumpkins! Blueberries! Yum! Enjoy! PLUS, you won’t start in your kitchen because it’s not so freaking hot!   canoeing-in-the-fall
  3. The fall is full of new, fun activities.  There are so many ways to have fun in the fall. Running in the leaves; apple picking; hiking; baking; long walks.  Get out and enjoy yourself!  No more television.  There will be plenty of time for that in the cold nights of winter.  autumn-colors
  4. The new fall colors can re-energize you. I believe that all the beautiful colors of fall can truly give you a new source of energy that you weren’t feeling at the end of summer. Let the bright orange, yellows, and reds boost you and brighten your mood and get up and go!  pumpkin-soup
  5. More healthy foods are more fun in the fall. Soups! Stews! Muffins! Yes, I muffins. When done right, they don’t have to be this huge caloric nightmare. But also, because it’s cooler, soups, stews, roasted vegetables – all of this can be so much better in the fall. I love making soups in big batches and then freezing a bunch of it. Then it’s like more bang for the buck because I can enjoy it now and I can enjoy it again a month from now. It’s so awesome.
Fall in really the perfect season in my opinion. Mother Nature likes to show off in the the fall and she really would appreciate it if you showed your appreciation by getting out there and enjoying your life and living life to the fullest.  And in the midst of rediscovering this fantastic season,  I’ll bet you’ll find yourself a healthier person for it.
Do you love fall as much as I do? How do you celebrate this beautiful season? Leave me a message in the comments section. Maybe you have my next hobby!

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