A Book Review/Game Changer: Better Than Before

It has occurred to me that the best book came at the most perfect time.  I ordered this book six months before it’s release date and low and behold it showed up on my kindle the day before my birthday.  How perfect!  The year that I planned to have a total transformation of habits and further self-awareness and overall awesomeness and this book on habits appears just as I am preparing for this process.  Awesome-sauce!  The book is called Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin.



A little background:

If you do not know who Gretchen Rubin is, she is this lovely author who has taken the time to study what will make us happier in this life (google: “The Happiness Project”).  It’s a painstaking task of constant self evaluation and self awareness and for that I thank her because her efforts have not been wasted on me.  Her first book, The Happiness Project was truly impressive.  I used her strategies and it worked like a charm. I was happier, truly.  And those skills I continue to use today as I continue to explore my own self improvement.  The second book was like icing on the cake because it was a focus on Happiness at Home.  Again with the perfect timing, I had just moved into my new home with my husband and I was very eager to make it the most loving, and caring environment that I could for the two of us. Again – so helpful this book was!

So I think that I am a worthy judge of her writing and I am justified in writing a critique on her latest book “Better Than Before”.  But then I had an even better idea!  I’m going to use all of the strategies of this incredible book right here on this blog to help me lose this weight once and for all!  Because isn’t that what we’re talking about here?  Changing habits? That’s really the only way that I can cure myself of this issue once and for all.  I can’t make an arbitrary weight loss goal (she talks about that by the way); and I can’t join yet another weight loss support group.  No.  I must change my habits.  And what better process than to use an actual guidebook – Better Than Before.

Something you don’t know about me – I like to “theme” my new year of life as a way to motivate me for my goals for that year.  Last year I believe the theme was “33 young and free” as a nod to my new goal of being financially “free” independent.  So with this new book, I decided that my theme for 34 (just turned) will be “34:  Better Than Before”.

So, I encourage you to buy this book and soak it in like I have and then come to this blog and watch me try out all these tools and see how it goes!  Cheers!

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