Become a Student of the School of Greatness ……. (Book Review)

Become a Student of the School of Greatness ……………and Find a New Reason to Lose the Weight For Good!

The School fo Greatness

(The School of Greatness: A Real-World Guide to Living Bigger, Loving Deeper, and Leaving a Legacy)

Live a life of service and lose weight for good.  Does that sound confusing? Let me explain:

The word “loss” or the verb “losing” implies a shortage or a smaller dose.  Less of something.  But that’s what’s funny about losing weight.  The goal in its essence is really about more.  We overeat to compensate for what is missing.  Some people use drugs, some people use sex, some people overspend.  We over eat.   We overeat to smother the fear we have of going after what we truly want which is more.  More life.  A more fulfilling life.  We’re missing something in our life but we are afraid to go after is … we eat.  And eat and eat some more.  And then we decide to solve the problem by losing weight but we can only lose weight once we start going after what we really want. What we really want is a fuller life.  And the fullest life is a life of service. Live a life of service and lose weight for good.

Last week I talked about fear and I shared my fears.  I hope that it helped you to start the journey of coming to terms with what your fears are.  But today I want to talk about the overarching theme of all of our fears.  And that theme is Greatness.  We all have different dreams and they vary a lot but the overarching theme is that deep down you want to be great.  And you’re afraid of admitting that for whatever reason.  You want to lose weight to gain control of your life and start living the life you were meant to live.  But what is that life exactly? I’ll tell you what it is.  It is a life of more.  Of Abundance.  Of fullness.  It is a life of greatness. It is a life of service.  Live a life of service and lose weight for good.

The School fo Greatness

Live a life of service and lose weight for good.  But how do you do that? How are these two things connected?

I recently read a book called The School of Greatness: A Real-World Guide to Living Bigger, Loving Deeper, and Leaving a Legacy.  The auther, Lewis Howes, runs a podcast and platform called The School of Greatness.  This podcast focuses on leadership and personal development in an effort to achieve a life of greatness.  In this podcast Howes argues that we can learn how to be great by studying people who are great. Makes sense, right?  Sure.  So he interviews who he and his audience think are great people and through these podcasts we get to study what the traits of greatness might be.  The book takes his best lessons and puts them together with great real life examples and creates a handbook or playbook if you will for how to train yourself to become GREAT.

There are five chapters and when you see the Table of Contents you will immediately think that I am going to use this post to focus on the chapter about Health.  That would make sense.  The health chapter focuses on being your best physical self so that you can conquer your goals in life and I agree with all of that.  But ironically that’s not that chapter that I think can help us the most in our weight loss journey.  The best chapter for overeater, in my opinion is the final chapter about living a life of service.  In this chapter is where I think the answers lie.  Live a life of service and lose weight for good.

On this blog we are focusing on getting to the source of why we overeat and how we can conquer that problem once and for all.  Chapter 5, The Health Chapter of The School of Greatness focuses on the knowledge part – what it means to be healthy, specific steps you can take.   And that’s all good and we discuss that here and there on this blog too because we all need tools for success.  But none of that matters if you can’t connect with your “why”.  And so in my opinion, the best chapter of The School of Greatness is the chapter that helps you connect with your why.  Chapter 8 is titled, Live a Life of Service.  At the beginning of this chapter there is a quote,

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.   – Mahatma Gandhi

I believe that when we overeat it is a sign that we have lost ourselves.  We’ve lost our way.  We are no longer in clear view of our purpose and our vision.  We eat because we are missing something, something that would fulfill us and so we eat to “fill” ourselves up trying to compensate for what’s missing.  Now Chapter 1 of the School of Greatness does start with taking the time to figure out our vision and that is also a very helpful tool in this journey of ours.   But Chapter 8 was the most compelling portion of the book and it makes perfect sense that it is also where the book leaves you.   At the end.  How do you want this one precious life of yours to end?  What’s it all going to be about?   In his studies of Greatness, Lewis Howes found that the people who were the most happy, the most fulfilled, were the people that found a way to connect their vision with serving other people.

When you get in the dieting cycle and you obsess about what you’re eating and drinking and exercising and on and on and on it quickly becomes a one man show.  Me, me, me.   And in the midst of the overeating it’s a “me” focused shame cycle.  Overeating to smother emotions that you don’t want to handle and then feeling bad about that action and having remorse and shame.  Again – me, me, me.

Here’s a suggestion:  Go volunteer.  – That’s what the book suggests.  Volunteer.  Somewhere for someone.  Anywhere, for anyone.  In the beginning it doesn’t matter for who or for what.  Just give of yourself. Get out of your own head, forget about your first world problems for a minute, and show some love to someone in need.  I’m taking it a step further.  Volunteer and lose weight.   Start to live a life of service and lose weight for good.

Right after work when I first get home and on the weekends – these are the hardest moments of my weight loss journey.  Why? Because these are the quietest moments, the moments when I have to be alone with myself and my thoughts and sometimes I’m not okay with that. Sometimes I need help with the noise inside my head and the restlessness.  And I turn to food for that help.

But now I see.

I see that this restlessness is my proof that I’m not living my fullest life. It’s my frustration with the current status of my life and wanting more. And when I feel that way I get scared and when I get scared, I eat.  I eat to smother the noise so that I don’t have to deal with it.  But maybe instead of trying to smother it, I should be turning that restless energy to good use.  Maybe I should be helping someone else who is in more need than me.  Helping someone in more need can give you perspective on your own problems.  And then maybe once we’ve put our problems into the proper perspective we can deal with them and solve them without trying to out eat them.

I highly recommend you read this book, The School of Greatness: A Real-World Guide to Living Bigger, Loving Deeper, and Leaving a Legacy, and get inspired to do the exercises outlined in the book that will help you design a life of greatness.  Deep down anyone reading this blog, anyone who has struggled with weight loss for a long time, is really struggling with their desire to be great.  I truly believe that.  You want more, you seek abundance but you are confused with what that means and so you eat to try to fill “full”.  But you will never find that fullness in food.

That is what I finally, finally learned after all these years.  You can eat yourself into oblivion but it will never solve nor hide the problem for long.  Stop eating.  Lose the weight.  Lose the excuses and start living your life full out.  Start by getting outside of your own head and do something for someone else.  Live a life of service and lose weight for good.  Living a life of service will indeed make your life great because then your good work not only heals you but it transcends into the world.  You become an integrated part of the world.  You are no longer just you, by yourself, out there alone.  No. You are a fully, whole person, transmitting your greatness to everything and everyone around you.  Now that is a great life.  That’s a life I want and I know you want it too.  So, as the author, Lewis Howes says,  Let’s get out there and do something great!

Live a life of service and lose weight for good!

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