Best Smoothie for Breastfeeding Mamas

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Awhile back I  did a post about my favorite breakfast smoothie.  This smoothie will guarantee 4 + hours of satisfaction and zero hunger pains until lunch.  It will also help you curb your sugar cravings over time.  I originally got this recipe from a book called The Virgin Diet.  Although I no longer prescribe to any set “diets” I do still highly recommend reading this book to understand inflammation and how it can drastically affect your health and your efforts to lose weight.  As I mention during my experiment of the  21 day Virgin Diet, the best side effect was my lowered sugar cravings.  The breakfast smoothie, I believe, was a big part of that.

best smoothie for breastmilk production

After having a baby this past March I experienced a lot of trouble with producing enough breast milk for my baby.  One of the things that helped were people’s recipes for lactation cookies that I found on Pinterest.  There were hundreds of versions of them.   However instead of baking cookies, which I absolutely have no time for, I simply modified and put the same crucial ingredients into my breakfast smoothie in exchange for the NOW Sports Pea Protein PowderI normally use.  I ended up increasing my milk supply while enjoying a delicious smoothie that keeps me full until lunchtime.    I also find that with the added supplements, I need more sugar for the taste because the brewer’s yeast especially can be kind of potent so I use tropical fruits in exchange for the blueberries I show in the original breakfast smoothie recipe.  So without further ado, here is the recipe for the Breastmilk Producing Breakfast Smoothie:

1 cup of fresh organic spinach

1 cup of frozen mangoes

3/4 of a banana

1 serving of Brewer’s Yeast Powder

1 serving of Spectrum Ground Flaxseed

1/4 cup of Bob’s Red Mill Old Fashioned Regular Rolled Oats

A few drops (to taste) of SweetLeaf Sweet Drops Liquid Stevia (I just fill the little droplet tube and use that much)

3/4 – 1 cup cups of Silk Almond Milk, Unsweetened Vanilla (basically just fill up the cup around the other ingredients and that usually comes out to 1 cup or a little less)

IF you don’t mind the added cost, you can simplify this recipe by substituting the 3 key ingredients (brewer’s yeast, oatmeal, and ground flaxseed) with one serving of a protein powder called Milk Drunk – Protein Powder for Breastfeeding Mamas.  It’s more expensive per ounce but you can get it for free delivery if you have Amazon Prime which everyone should have by the way! The great thing about using this powder instead of those three individual ingredients is that using this powder turns this lactation smoothie into a protein shake for breastfeeding mothers while still stimulating milk production.  So you get more benefits this way.   The powder has a bit of a sweet taste but what I do is simply take out my stevia drops in exchange for the sweetness in the powder and the smoothie ends up being just as good.  As I said, it costs more but as a new mom I know that time is the most valuable asset we have so anything to shorten up our processes is always welcomed. Dealing with one powder instead of 3 separate ingredients might be worth the additional cost to you.  So if you’re looking for a protein shake while nursing this might be the best option for you.

To make life easier,  I also recommend you buy a NutriBullet especially if you’re drinking this on the go.  The NutriBullet allows you to make and blend the smoothie right in the container you’re going to drink from thus eliminating any transfer of contents and extra dishes to clean.   My recipe is for the larger container size of the Nutribullet cups which now come with their own shippable travel lids.

I drink this smoothie everyday for lunch and I can actually feel tingling in my breasts after I drink it.  My supply is up and my baby is happy.  Cheers.

For more information on my breastfeeding struggles, read my guest post at FabWorkingMoms.

This recipe is an adaptation of my original smoothie post which you can find here.

Do you have a favorite smoothie that gives you tons of energy while satisfying some other health issue simultaneously? Please share in the comments below.

Did you try this yet?  What did you think?  Let me know how it tastes.  Leave a comment below.


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