How to Finally Stop Giving A F*ck About Your Weight


I recently read a book called The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life. To be completely accurate, I “read” the book using Audible.  I’m not sure how to explain it but certain books are better when listened to than when read and some are better when you actually read them. For me, this was the former.  This book was very direct and in your face and in my opinion, it needs to be listened to.  You need to really hear this and I think listening makes that easier when you’re not using your own voice and reading it.  If you let it, this book can allow you to shift your mindset and you know that’s what we’re all about here at FoodLoveMe/FoodHateMe. We are trying to change our mindset. We’re trying to change how we think about our weight, about our relationship with food.

I believe some of the  main points of this book can help us do that. Continue reading

Will God Want to Talk About My Weight on Judgement Day?

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Will God Want to Talk About My Weight on Judgement Day?

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That is the question that popped in my head this morning.  In my religion we believe that there will be a judgement day at the end of it all and on that day there will be an accounting of all of our good and bad deeds on this earth that will ultimately lead to our final destination – heaven or hell.  And I wondered this morning – On Judgement Day, would the discussion of my weight be on the table?

I believe that God would not care about my weight, given all the other things we would have to discuss and all the other people in line.  God ain’t got no time for that!

I think instead what might be on the table is the discussion of time wasted.  I think that is a definitely possibility.  And so in that discussion quite possibly God will want to talk to me about how much time I wasted worrying about my weight. Continue reading

Why I’m still hibernating and why you should be too (plus my 8 “Soulful Goals” for 2017)

It’s January 8th and I haven’t rushed out to get my gym membership renewed. I’m not entering any new 30 day challenges and I haven’t signed up for any cleanses. You know, the usual New Year’s stuff people get into this time of year.
Okay, that’s a little but of a lie because I did sign up for the “500 words a day” challenge with Jeff Goins but that’s only because I want to keep up with staying in touch with all of you lovely folks in the FoodLove Community.
But other than that, I’m still chillin.
I’m taking some advice I got from a recent blog post by Kate Northrup and instead of leading my life by our calendar, I’m going to lead it by the Earth’s and Moon’s cycles.  It may be January 1st, a New Year but it’s also the dead of winter. It’s not time to spring into action. It’s time to rest, reflect, meditate, slow down and let our bodies and our minds do some recovery and wait.  Wait until spring to jump up.  There’s no rule that says we need to rush and go, go, go.  No.  It’s hibernation time folks.
So what am I doing right now?

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