Simplify Your Wardrobe to Reduce Stress and Lose Weight

project 333; be more with less; capsule wardrobe; simplify your wardrobe; simplified clothing
A few months ago I gave you my new laundry system that I created to keep clothes off my floor and not spend all my time on Sundays folding and putting up clean clothes.  As I continue to work on my weight and my health , I find that one of the keys to success is implementing systems for the everyday tasks that take up my time and stress me out. I have a history of using food to de-stress and while I definitely support working on those deeper issues of why I choose food as my crutch in the first place,  I also believe in creating a life that is overall just less stressful.
Today I want to tell you about a program that has truly changed my life in such a simple way it’s ridiculous. It’s called Project 333.

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Look Great at Any Weight (Part 2): Get a Nordstrom Stylist!



When we feel bad about ourselves or when we feel “lesser than”, we turn to food to make us feel better.  That is what we, overeaters, do.  If we are ever to heal our relationship with food and no longer turn to it for comfort then we must heal ourselves.  This starts with improving our self-image.

One area that I hear all overweight women struggle with is how they look in their clothes.  Either they have given up and just seemingly don’t care or they feel like they try and they keep failing to look good.

If you are one of those people that says “I don’t care”.  Trust me.  You’re kidding yourself.  You say you don’t care and then you overeat – why? Because you do care – you just don’t know how to solve the problem.

The obvious answer always seems to be:  Lose the Weight.  But it’s not that simple.  No matter how much weight I have lost, I’ve still struggled in the stores to find what best fits me and I always leave the store feeling bad about the way my body is shaped.    Until recently, when everything changed…….. Continue reading

Create a Life of Systems to Simplify Your Life and Reduce Stress

create a life of systems; simplify your life; reduce stress; laundry system; declutter
[This post contains affiliate links.  If you purchase a product using these links I will receive a small profit.  I do not recommend anything that I haven’t used myself to help me on my journey to heal my relationship with food]
In this awesome and inspiring FoodLoveMe Community,  we are working together to create a healthy relationship with food. In my own journey I’ve found that just because we have the information doesn’t mean the knowledge is enough to make the change. Changing habits takes time and changing your heart and making a paradigm shift about how you relate to food takes even more time. But while we sure figuring that out there are things we can do to help us along the way. We can still lose weight while we’re working on the emotional issues. This isn’t about waiting until everything in your head and heart is right before you can lose the weight. No. This is a bit fixing the real problem so that when you do lose the weight, you have the mindset you need to keep it off. Because as we all know that’s the real goal. Keep in it off and moving on with our lives.
So I said all that to find you that my goal in the FoodLoveMe community is to help you figure out what you’re really hungry for But also to give you the tools to make losing weight easier while you’re doing the hard work of getting your headspace right.
So today’s tool/tip: Create more systems in your life! Let me explain.

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