Exercising versus Simply Moving More: 5 Tips to Increase Your Daily Activity

when is comes to losing weight, Is our problem that we need to workout more or do we need to move more? Would we lose weight faster by increasing the intensity of our workouts or by simply moving more throughout the day?


So last week I talked about how working out should be used to improve your overall health and happiness but it shouldn’t be used to move the number on the scale.  When I did my goal setting for the new year I used a program called 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever and in that program they teach you to look at recurring themes of the previous year to help you identify5 tips moving more; simply move morr; exercise versus moving more where you need to improve.

One of my recurring themes was that I needed to Move More.  I spent a lot of time last year separating exercise from nutrition and working to exercise only for pleasure and for my overall health and less focusing on what it did for me on that scale.   But I realized that outside of my prescribed “workouts” I wasn’t simply moving a lot in my day to day activities.  There was way too much sitting going on and sitting makes you more susceptible to thinking you’re hungry when you’re not.  You’re bored or uninspired or unfulfilled in some other way that you are confusing with hunger.  So I started looking at ways that I could increase my everyday movement and here are my top tips for moving more without actually having to do a prescribed workout.

5 Tips to Increase Your Daily Activity:

  1.  Taking a long walk while listening to a podcast.  If you read this blog regularly you’d heard me mention this as one of my newest favorite past times.  I love it!  I absolutely love it.  I get to clear my head and I get to learn something new for personal development. I almost always listen to podcasts that focus on personal development.  That way  I’m getting in some exercise but I’m also walking away with some great new nuggets of information that I can apply to my life immediately.   If you are looking for some good podcasts in the area of personal development, I would recommend:  The Chalene Show by Chalene Johnson;  This is Your Life by Michael Hyatt; and The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes.     I mention tips I’ve gotten from these podcasts on the blog all the time.  I get a lot of fitness and health tips from these podcasts but I also get information about how to make our lives greater which I am coming to realize more and more each day is really the core of what we need to focus on to overcome out emotional eating.  We eat to soothe ourselves because we are unhappy and/or unsettled in our lives.  And while we work on learning how to not use food for comfort, we also need to be building greater lives, lives that are so exciting we no longer need any soothing because we are happy and fulfilled in these beautiful lives we have created.  And the podcasts reinforce that message for me ad I’m sure they will for you too.  Check them out and go for a walk!  This is hands down my favorite way to increase your daily activity.
  2. Gardening.  Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.  This is a great hobby to increase your daily activity.   Okay, so, this isn’t for everyone.  I get that.  But hey, this blog ain’t for everyone.  I offer what I know works for me and I hope and pray that is can work for some of you too.  I said it before and I’ll say it again and again, if I can help just one person shave just one year or even one month off their weight loss journey and heal their relationship with food once and for all, then all of this will have been worth it!  So one of the ways that I love to move is gardening.  I grow flowers and I grow food.  I have a huge herb garden and I now have three raised beds of vegetables and lots and lots of flowers everywhere.  I love getting my hands in the dirt (even though sometimes i wear gloves!).  I love being outside and pulling weeds and digging holes and making spaces come to life with color and just cleaning up and clearing out.  Gardening is so cathartic, you don’t even know!  And the hours just go by and you don’t even think about food once!   And you have huge rewards at the end.  It’s a wonderful hobby and if you’ve never tried it you might find that you too love it.  If you don’t have a garden – go volunteer in a gardening or nature club or a water quality club that might be installing rain gardens and things like that.  You will be doing something great for the environment and for your health.  And guess what – I also now listen to podcasts while I garden!  Winning!
  3. Cardio Shopping – speaking of gardening, when my mother came to visit me about 4 or 5 weeks ago she helped me fix up my garden and my house and we did some marathon shopping.  Now I am all about the budget and saving money so you won’t here me promote shopping too often but understand what I’m saying. I’m saying that it behooves you to save up all of the shopping you need to do and do it all in one day and have a marathon shopping day .  This can totally help you increase your daily activity.  And here’s proof: I had my fitbit on that day and I got so many steps, it wasn’t even funny!   I had my total goal for steps completed by like noon and we still have like six hours to go! And once again, with a list and a plan we were occupied the entire day and I didn’t think about eating even once!  That’s when you know you’re in the zone.  When an overeater can go all day without thinking about food – game on!  That is a victory, my friends!  Victory! So, try some cardio shopping to move more and keep your mind off food.
  4. Household cleaning/chores  – much like shopping, I don’t enjoy this activty that much but I do enjoy bulking it all together and making a marathon out of it and using it as a way to stay moving.  You’ll find yourself not sitting down all day if you fill the day with cleaning, folding, organizing.  You will definitely increase your daily activity by doing this.   And just like gardening you’ll have big rewards at the end – a clean, well organized house.  And guess what else you can do while you clean………yes! Listen to a personal development podcast.  Love it!!!
  5. Walk to work, don’t drive.  This is new for me recently but not in my life.  I used to walk to work all the time in the beginning of my career. With this latest job I got that opportunity back but didn’t really use it until recently and when I started doing it again, I loved it!  Loved It!  Talk about utility.  You have to go to work anyway so you’re accomplishing that goal without spending money on gas and then you’re moving more by virtue of getting from one place to another.  If you can’t walk to work, see what other things you do in your car that you could do by foot.  Grocery shopping? Picking up kids from school?  Dropping off books at the library? combine walking with other chores that you usually do in you car and all of sudden you’ve naturally incorporated more movement into your every day life.  By doing this you will definitely begin to increase your daily activity.

And there you have it.  5 ways to listen to more podcasts. I mean 5 tips to increase your daily activity and move more  🙂

What have you found helpful to encourage you to move more?  And more importantly, what are your favorite podcasts?  I mean eventually I will run out of episodes of the Chalene Show, eventually.  Boy, that will be a sad day.  Help me out here!  Leave me a comment on what you’re into these days. As always,  I’m here, I’m listening.

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2 thoughts on “Exercising versus Simply Moving More: 5 Tips to Increase Your Daily Activity

  1. Kristi G Guilfoyle says:

    Great post!!! I have been trying to garden alot, and I am a big fan of walking while doing errands. I can’t walk to a store or work from my house, but I will drive to a large shopping center with multiple destinations and walk from store to store. My daughter loves it because she hates getting into the car 😉

    • FoodLove Girl says:

      Yes, now that you’ve got a yard ,I forgot about that! Gardening is so therapeutic and really gets you mind of whatever you’ve got going on that might create stress. There is something about getting your hands in dirt that really soothes me. I don’t know. Probably a lesson we learn as kids “playing in dirt is fun” and we grow up and lose that. Well, time to get it back! Go play!

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