Failing to Plan (your meals) is Planning to Fail (at your diet)


Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

I didn’t know how to make that work. Did I nail it? You know that saying, Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.  I was trying to make that work for meal planning.  Did I nail it?  🙂

In this case planning to fail at eating would mean failing at your overall diet.  And the sure fire way to do that is to head into the week with no plan for how your individual meals will go for the week.  You say to yourself “I want to eat no more than 1200 calories per day and I want it to be consumed of all natural, whole foods, no processed foods”  And then you don’t make a meal plan for the week?  How’s that gonna work?  I’ll tell you how, by dinner time Monday, you’re heading to a take-out restaurant for some dinner, that’s what happens and poof, your diet is jeopardized at the beginning of the week and it ain’t looking any good for the rest of the week.

So how do we fix this? We plan.  But planning your meals can be an ordeal all by itself.  It’s hilarious because you make the decision to plan your meals in an effort to stay organized and stick to your diet but all of a sudden you’ve added this big chore in having to sit down and plan out all your meals.

But I have a great solution for you.  It’s a software program called Plan to Eat.  And I love it.

If you’ve been following this blog, you may have noticed a series that I do called, Food Cost Me Food Pay Me.  Currently I use this series to post my adventures in trying to reduce my ridiculous grocery bill.  As I’ve gotten healthier my grocery  bill has increased over the years.  When I got married that exacerbated the problem as I tried to incorporate healthy eating for two.  But Plan to Eat is really starting to help me with my budget as well as keeping me organized on my meal planning as I try to stick to my diet.

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

My favorite feature is Plan to Eat’s ability to take a recipe from anywhere online and plug it directly into their program and create an automatic grocery list for you. So, I know that one place we all love to look for recipes is Pinterest.  Well, with Plan to Eat, you can actually copy and paste the website link of the recipe and Plan to Eat’s software is able to take the recipe off of that page and pull it into your Recipe Planner in the program so that you instantly have that recipe in your library of recipes.  Then if you actually want to cook that for the week you can drag that recipe into your calendar.

Based on the recipes you pull into your calendar, Plan to Eat will generate a grocery list.  I love how you can see all your meals laid out on a calendar because so often when I’m just sitting with a blank piece of paper, I often forget some meals or forget how many meals exist in a week so inevitably I end up making a second trip to the store in the middle of the week because I didn’t buy enough food.  But with this calendar I can see the holes if I missed any meals.  It’s great.

So you can plan your meals out.  You can take any gorgeous recipe you found off any other website online and easily implement it into your Plan to Eat account and generate a grocery list for that recipe – no problem.  This is the most organized and easiest way that I’ve seen to get ready for the week and to make sure you have a very organized plan for going to the grocery store and don’t have to worry about forgetting food items or buying unnecessary things that you don’t need.  I first heard about this program through a blog called Organize Yourself Skinny. Tammy does a great job on her blog of providing us with much needed tools to stay organized in our everyday lives so that we make it as easy as possible to lose weight.  If you’ve been working on losing weight, I’m sure you’ve realized that staying organized is so crucial to your success.  You have to keep track of what you’re eating, when and how you’re exercising, how much water you’re drinking.  And you’re doing all this amidst all your other priorities so it’s crucial that you stay organized and Tammy has a lot of tricks up her sleeve regarding this area.  Check her out!

This week’s meal planning is kind of interesting and it’s kind of cheating because I can’t eat anything.  Planning to Eat when you can’t eat………hmmmmm.  One word: smoothies.  That’s the name of the game.  My husband is on his own this week.  Sorry!  I just can’t do anything this week but make sure I get my workouts in and make sure my mouth heals. That’s it.  So, my Plan to Eat grocery list will be super easy:  frozen fruit; spinach; almond milk; protein powder, done.



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