Hello and Welcome to my Weight Loss Blog!  Please call me – FoodLove Girl!   I am so nervous and excited to be here with you guys!  Here’s my story (so far) and a look into what this blog is all about.  I hope you stay tuned.

My History

I am 34 years old and I have been struggling with my weight since I was 14. I have tried many things and I’ve had two major successes in my life. The first success was when I was 22 and I joined Weight Watchers. I lost 30 lbs. I was able to keep 20 lbs off but then I proceeded to spend the next 7 years yo-yoing with those last 10 pounds.

When I turned 29, I gained back 10 more pounds and I made a new commitment to not enter my third decade of life still fat. I rejoined Weight Watchers but this time I did it online. I skipped the meetings, and I bought into the whole frozen meals aspect of the program. I wanted to make sure that I was eating the lowest amount of calories possible. The most important change I made was that I exercised like I never had before. I did Taebo five days a week.   I ran 4 miles outside every other day. I ran on the treadmill or the elliptical on the gym at work every evening. I would sit on a balance ball while watching TV and do sit-ups during commercials. I was constantly moving. And it worked. I got within five pounds of my goal and I kept the weight off for a year. But I was irritable because my calorie count was too low and it was filled with fake food. I couldn’t keep up the workouts quite as intensely and I got tired of eating frozen meals everyday. Eventually I gained the weight back………again.

When I turned 31, I got a nutritionist and I started eating real food again. I gained weight but I also gained muscle and I felt so much better. So now I’m eating better, and I’m exercising regularly, but not obsessively. But I’m still fat. The missing piece to the puzzle is portion control. I am still not able to control how much I eat.

A New Plan 

After years of yo-yo dieting and crazy amounts of exercise, I am finally changing my goals. My old dream was to weigh 136 lbs. My new dream is to fix my relationship with food. I will strive to not let food be my “go-to” when times get rough nor my celebration tool when I am happy. Instead it will be what it is supposed to be – a source of nutrition and physical nourishment. This is not to say that I won’t aim to enjoy my meals but rather I will strive to have a normal amount of enjoyment. I dream of a day when I get immense pleasure from the first or second bite and see no need for a fifth or sixth bite.

Why is it different this time?

I am getting to the point in my life where I want to have a baby but I do not want to get pregnant before I lose the weight and prove to myself that I can keep it off. The idea of entering such a challenging physical period in my life, without having lost the weight, terrifies me. My plan is to lose the weight (again!) and  maintain a healthy weight for 1 calendar year before trying to become pregnant.

My Goals:

    • Get to My Ideal Size this calendar year! (2015)
    • Maintain a healthy weight for 1 calendar year before becoming pregnant
    • Abandon traditional scale obsessed strategies and focus on healthy living
    • Record my weight loss journey on this blog as a way of monitoring my progress (amongst other things)
    • Become an inspiration to whoever is reading this blog

Join Me on this very important journey to a healthy and Happy life!

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