Fitbit Love – 5 Reasons You Need to Get a FitBit Today!

Good Morning.  I hope you had a good night’s sleep.  I know I did because there was a storm last night and there’s nothing better than sleeping in a rainstorm, don’t you agree?

Anyway, today I thought I’d give a shoutout to my new best friend – my Fitbit.  So, okay, I’ll admit, I have an unnatural attachment to a few inanimate objects that I own:  my car; my house; my Kindle; and yes as of this past January, my Fitbit.

For those of you in the dark, a Fitbit is a watch that you wear either on your wrist or as a clipon to your clothes.  Fitbit monitors your steps, and your heartrate but now it comes with an app that allows you to track so much more.  Now you can track how much water you drink; how many hours you slept; and how many calories you consumed versus how many calories you put out.  At the end of each week Fitbit gives you a nice little summary of all of it showing you how you did for the week.  Here are my five top reasons why you  must buy a Fitbit today.

1. Fitbit can replace the rubber band.  Do you remember the theory about using a rubber band to break a habit or form a habit? Say you were trying not to eat any more cookies.  The idea was that you would wear a rubber band and every time you ate a cookie or even thought about eating a cookie, you’d snap the rubber band.  Ouch!  So you’d start to associate pain with the cookie and eventually you wouldn’t want it anymore.  Well, I’ve found that simply having the Fitbit on my wrist all day can accomplish the same thing.  It’s like a silent reminder that I’m tracking what I’m eating and that I want to be able to write down good things so I’m more mindful of what I’m eating.  Put down the rubber band, pick up the Fitbit.

2.  Track better.   It’s so easy to put the data into your phone app so a huge bonus for getting the Fitbit is the access  to the app.  You could get the app alone and just not track your steps but again with the silent reminder.  Having that Fitbit on your wrist reminds you to track what you eat.  Plus, Fitbit will tally your total calories so if you’re watching how many calories you eat during the day, Fitbit will keep a running total for you all day long.

3.  How are you sleeping?  Ever wonder how efficient your sleep is and whether or not this is contributing to your energy level?  Well Fitbit will track it for you!  You double tap on your wristband and Fitbit goes into sleep mode.  While you sleep it monitors how often you got up; and how many restless moments you had over the total time you slept. Then it gives you an efficiency rating.  Mine is averaging at 97% right now.  (Yes, I’m bragging! Yay me!)

4.  Too Much Food?  Have you read my blog series intro – Too Much? I’m trying to ascertain if I’m eating too much food.  Fitbit does a great job helping with that by summing up how much of each type of food you’ve had – protein; carbohydrates; sugar, etc.  You can see how your food categories were spread out throughout your day, or your week and see if you’re eating Too Much of any one category.

5.  Increasing your daily activity.  I am pretty active during the week but I notice that I can get pretty sedentary on the weekends especially in the everyday moving around part.  I might go for a run or go to a yoga class but then I don’t necessarily move around the rest of the day.  One of the main reasons I got the Fitbit was to remind me to move more in my everyday life, not just “go to the gym”.  My Fitbit tells me how many steps I have taken throughout the day with a goal of 10,000 for the day.  So, it lights up  with five dots and vibrates when I’ve reached my 10k goal for the day.  And let me tell you.  It is pretty thrilling to feel that vibration of the watch that lets you know you made your goal for the day.  (Hey, it’s the little things people!)

So, I hope I’ve made my point.  The Fitbit is a sure fire way to stay on track and help you lose weight.  Now go get yours!

6 thoughts on “Fitbit Love – 5 Reasons You Need to Get a FitBit Today!

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