Focus on Gratitude and Lose Weight Faster

Focus on Gratitude and Lose Weight Faster


I started an exercise that I’ve done before, off and on, but this time I made a new commitment to make it a daily practice.  Every night before I go to bed, I write down 5 things I am grateful for every day. This daily practice is so powerful.  It puts everything in perspective.

When you can  get excited about what you already have and how it makes your life great, it replaces some of the thoughts of “I wish I had”, “if only I could have”, blah, blah, blah.

Act as if you already have everything you need and you will start to believe that you do.

Because guess what? You do.  You have everything you need right now, today, to be the person you want to become.  You don’t need new gadgets or new tricks, or more money, or even new knowledge really, to lose weight.  You need your “why”.  You need faith.  You need to focus on what you truly desire. And all of that already exists within you.Focus on gratitude and lose weight faster.  You just need to reach deep down inside and grab it.  Own it. Become who you were always meant to be.   To have a life full of greatness we must always be full of gratefulness.

Can I let you in on a secret?

Being grateful is a very freeing feeling.  Once you allow yourself to completely focus on what you’re grateful for, you no longer have room in your head to obsess about what’s missing in your life.  And oddly that allows you to come up with solutions to your problems.  It’s like anything creative.  Have you ever noticed when you’re trying too hard to think of a solution you can’t.  Then you take a walk, clear your head, and then in the middle of your shower, you shout out! And you’re like, “That’s it! That’s what I need to do!”  You couldn’t see the answer until you walked away from the problem.  That’s what focusing on gratefulness can do for you.  It gets you outside of your own head.  You stop focusing so intently on what you don’t have and you start being appreciative of what you do have.  You start focusing on how you can work with what you already have and you focus on how happy that makes you.

I make a game of it.  I love it when I feel myself obsessing on what I think don’t have and what I think I need to make something happen and I say, Stop!  And I breathe slowly and I turn my focus to what I already have.  Inevitably going down that road leads me to a solution where I can work with what I already have to figure out how to get what I want next.  It’s a very liberating feeling.

When it comes to weight loss, often we can feel like we don’t have the tools we need to make our dreams come true.  We aren’t equipped to lose the weight yet and so we keep waiting and hoping that one day it’ll click.  But we obsess on this thing we don’t have – “being thin”.  But in reality, we actually do have what we need. We had it all along.

When we talk about seeking out a life that is great and losing the weight as a result, sometimes that language can make it seem like our existing life is no good.  That is a very dangerous road to go down and for most of us it’s simply not true.  When I write about not living “full out”, I do not mean to imply that you don’t have the resources you need to live this greater life.  No.  I’m talking about the state of your mind and your heart as it relates to what you really want in your life.  In other words, you already have what you need, you just aren’t in touch with it mentally and emotionally.  Most of the time we’ve forgotten what’s already great or we’ve taken these great things for granted.  Focus on gratitude and lose weight faster.  By doing this exercise of writing down 5 things you’re grateful for helps you reconnect with what’s already wonderful in your life.  Then you will be more apt to re-utilize these parts of your life to help you achieve even more greatness.


Here are some common things I think we should all be grateful for regardless of our individual lives that can help us with our specific problem of overeating.  5 ways to focus on gratitude to lose weight faster:

  1. We have an abundance healthy, good-tasting food available to use at all times. Therefore there is no reason to overeat because it will always be there. How wonderful is that? We should always be grateful for that.
  2. We have an abundance of information at our disposal regarding what to eat, when to eat, how to eat. Anything you want to know about any type of food or eating habit is available at anytime via the internet. Thank you Google!
  3. Every day that we wake up –is a new day. We can be grateful for that.  No matter what happened yesterday, we can always begin again. That is the beauty of a new day and we should always be grateful for that.  Each new day is an opportunity to focus on gratitude and lose weight faster.
  4. Every failure brings a lesson. We can be grateful for those lessons.  Sometimes its hard to see when it first happens, I get that but with time we can see failure for what it really is – a lesson.  If you try something and it doesn’t work that just means you have more information about what works for you and what doesn’t work for you.  I, for instance, have a library full of information a about what doesn’t work for me.  (just kidding, sort of).  J
  5. We are not alone. One of the reasons I write on this blog is to share my experience and my journey so that other people might read it and find support and comfort from knowing that someone else has been on the same road that you are on and they are working through it too. Sometimes just that knowledge that you are not alone Is all you need to keep fighting and continue on your journey.

Try this out. I really think it will help.  When you focus on gratitude is truly will help you lose weight faster.  Do you have anything to add to the list? Please share.  We can never have too many things to be grateful for.  🙂

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