Food Boredom and New Things to Come (Fasting Day 7)

foodpost_041315_dinnerWednesday, July 24, 2015

Aren’t you sick of seeing the same meals on my “what I ate today” section of this blog, day after day after day.  I mean it’s obvious I love sweet potatoes, but damn.  Give it a rest already!  Well, No More!  You are going to see a lot more variety from me starting this week.  But first let me explain my monotony with food lately.

I am usually not this boring.  But, when I decided to take that next step and clean my diet up even more (it wasn’t all that bad folks!)   I felt like the best way to stay on track was to decide what I love that fits into the rules of the Virgin Diet and then just stick with that so that I only had to focus my mind on the other parts, like journaling how I felt physically and eating at the right times and drinking enough water at the right times.  I didn’t want to spend all kinds of time on what I was eating and worrying bout if it had the 7 high FI foods in them so instead I figured that out up front and then just kept the menu consistent.
So why didn’t I change it after the 21 days was over?

Because I wasn’t done losing weight.feet on scale  The Virgin Diet suggests that, after you test the 7 high FI foods, then if you haven’t finished losing all the weight you want, you should just go back to Phase I and carry on until you get to your goal.  So that’s what I did.  I tested eggs, I tested gluten, decided I didn’t care about the other 5 high FI foods -that I was happy leaving them out 95% of the time and I went back to Phase I.
But the time has come to bring some variety back into my life.  I am still going to keep the sugar at the lowest level as prescribed in Phase I because I definitely feel like it’s helping and I am oh-so loving the lack of cravings.  But you might see a small amount appear in upcoming recipes –  but it will be natural – no refined sugars at all!
That said,  I will try to cook things that keep the seven high FI foods out with the exception of eggs since I know that those do not cause me problems.
This week, I made a chicken stir-fry with broccoli and orange peppers and I made a basil pesto sauce with fresh basil from my garden to serve as a sauce on top.  I served this over spaghetti for my husband and I served it over spaghetti squash for myself.  Recipe coming soon.
Today’s eating went like this (and notice the new additions) :
Morning:  Virgin Diet Shake
Evening:  Virgin Diet Shake;
2 apples; 4 strips of turkey bacon (I found one in Whole Foods with no additives; no preservaties, no nitrates or nitrites);  1 cup of roasted broccoli; 1 cup of sauteed kale; 1/2 cup of roasted sweet potatoes; 1 steak (lean and skinny)

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