Gluten – Wasted Calories? (End of Phase II – Virgin Diet)



Hi!  Happy Wednesday!

So today marks the last day of my gluten test and thus the last day of Phase II.  I went over 21 days- not sure the book actually specified how many days it takes but I remember counting that I had just enough days between Phase I and Ramadan to test all the foods.  Then I got into that confusion state because I realized I didn’t care about some of the foods.  I’m fine with leaving peanuts, corn, and soy out of my diet 99% of the time and I’ll take note if I accidentally have some.  But I was curious about gluten.

I suppose I should wait until tomorrow to say this but – I don’t think I an intolerant of gluten.  I had 2 oz. of spaghetti every day and I haven’t noticed any physical difference in my body.  No bloating, no discomfort, no change in my bowels, no digestive issue and none of the oh-so dreaded “conversations” in my stomach .  Nothing.

I wonder if I would’ve experience a difference in energy had I chosen to eat the gluten at lunch instead of dinner.  I know that prior to starting this new eating plan I was always getting tired in the afternoon after lunch and I always had some gluten in the form of pretzels or chips or crackers or God knows what else.  BUT I also was letting the dairy sneak in bits at a time and I definitely was having too much sugar so it’s hard to say which was the culprit.  I do know that whenever I had a sandwich for lunch (and it’s been years since) – I always felt sleepy after.

So, although it looks like I’m not intolerant, I am choosing to keep gluten out of my diet 95% of the time for several reasons:

1.  I don’t enjoy it enough for the calories they cost me.    Most of the gluten I was eating was snuck into my packaged food or I was using it as a carrier food.

2.  You get such a little amount for the calories.  I mean – I had 2 oz. of spaghetti for like 200 calories – WTF?!  Ain’t nobody got time for that!

3.  If there is any chance that it is slowing down my weight loss process then again – I never liked it enough to sacrifice that!

So we know now that I’m not intolerant of gluten.

I wonder if anyone reading this is thinking the question that has been in my head lately:  If I already knew I was intolerant of dairy and now it looks like the Virgin Diet is just saying the same thing – why didn’t I just take out the dairy?

The  Answer:  Because it was also the Sugar.  I needed to strip my diet of sugar and processed crap.  Albeit my processed crap in the last 2-5 years was much less “crappy” than I used to eat but still – it was crap posturing as healthy food. I had also been allowing dairy back into my diet in non-obvious ways (again with the processed food) because I found a new miracle drug called Papaya Enzyme and it allowed me to eat dairy without getting sick but I knew my body still didn’t like it.  So I was slipping and I didn’t seem to be able to stop and the weight gain was continuing.   So I think I needed this bigger project of “Let’s see what I’m intolerant of” to motivate me to bring it back to zero.    And really it was a new zero or a new normal if you will because I’ve never been so strict about sugar -EVER!     know it sounds crazy because maybe it was a harder challenge to take all 7 foods out instead of 2 but really it was easier.  It was like a total purification process and I really enjoyed it.

Bonus:  I learned more about how water is affecting my body and weight loss efforts and that was a game changer!  I totally feel the difference in my body when I have enough water – things start moving!  It is important.  I’m going to do a separate post on water very soon.  So look out for that in a week or so.

Next steps: 

So, I am now considering the testing phase over.   The book says now if you are still wanting to lose weight you just go back to eating like you did in Phase I.  So that’s what I’m going to.

So now I want to continue to lose the weight and then once I think I’m getting closer to my ideal weight then we’ll get into the discussion of how much sugar I can bring back in.  The book specifies how much and this is part of Phase III – the rest of your life.  We will talk about that later but for now I’m going back to Phase I.  I hope that I can keep it up.  We shall see.

Today’s eating went like this:

5:05 am – woke up

6:00-7:00 am  Cardio Sculpt – I had to take Aleve to make it to class though – two Barre classes yesterday left me in a world of hurt.

8:00 am – Breakfast – Virgin Diet Shake

9-10:00 am – 2 cups of coffee with unsweetened almond milk and cinnamon

10:00 am – got on that water!!!!

12:30 pm – Lunch – 1 cup of sautéed kale; 1/2 cup of lentils;  chicken thigh/leg smoked, no skin

2:00 pm – green tea with almond milk

3:30 pm – Apple

I had 80 oz. of water before yoga today! Woohoo! And I totally felt the difference.

5:00-6:30 pm – Bikram Yoga; 16.9 oz. of water

7:00 pm -16.9 oz. of water

8:00 pm – 2 oz. of spaghetti; sauce same as yesterday – equiv. of 1 tablespoon of olive oil; smoked chicken leg/thigh, no skin; 1 cup of sautéed kale

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