Halfway Thru 2016………Let’s Knock It Out of the Park!


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It’s June 27th, last week of June.  I started to wait until next Sunday but I wanted you to have a week to read this and get pumped up and make a plan.  We still have 6 months left and that is plenty of time to re-evaluate any of your goals that you haven’t made a lot of progress on or goals you have made progress on but you’re still not where you want to be.  We still have time.  WE can do this!


30 weeks left in 2016

Recently on Facebook I saw this picture and it really served as a powerful reminder to me of all the great work we can still do this year.  So many people have quit their resolutions for 2016 by now or they are in summer mode and relaxing.  But guess what? You can be on vacation without your goals being on vacation.  By making a few tweaks and re-establishing your motivation, you can still enjoy your summer AND move closer to your goals.

I know for a lot of us in the FoodLove Community, losing weight is always at the top of the list of our goals.  So I wanted to give you some tips on how we can take a few steps to push us closer and make those goals happen this year.

Here are 5 ideas that I am using right now to re-vamp my ten goals for the year and see how close I can get before December 10, 2016.

reconnect with your why

  1. Reconnect to Your Why.  Last year I spent an entire week talking about why I blog about my weight loss journey and why I think you should blog about your weight loss journey and I’ve done several posts since then about making sure you have a real reason to get a healthier lifestyle and lose the weight.  It all stems from having a magnificently strong “why”.

     My strongest “why” for losing weight, keeping it off, and living my healthiest life is because      I want to get pregnant and I want to be a mother.  I don’t want this obsession with weight loss      to consume my every thought anymore and I don’t want to pass that behavior on to my child.      I want him/her to love their body and love their life and live life every day to the fullest.  And I        want them to naturally eat in a way that supports that healthy, happy lifestyle.  But in order          to have my child be like that – I have to be like that.

I have to be the type of person that lives “full out” every day, and eats to support that kind of          lifestyle. Period.  That is a strong why.  It encompasses what is deep inside my soul.  It is real.

     So, what is not a strong why?   “I want to fit into my skinny jeans” or “I want to look good at        this event I have to go to”.  That type of why can serve a purpose, don’t get me wrong. It has a        place in our weight loss journey for sure but it won’t be the kind of “why” that keeps you going      for the long haul and it definitely won’t help you keep the weight off.  It’s not strong enough.      You’ve got to dig deep, figure out what’s really going to make you happy and start going after        that thing and make it be the catalyst for losing this weight once and for all.  Reconnect with        your why to re-energize you and re-motivate you to get this done in 2016.

catapult your goals

  1. Figure out that one thing that will catapult you forward in your goals. There is something that you can do that will really move that needle as you work to get to the finish line.  One of my 10 goals at the beginning of the year was to journal all of my food for 90 days.  I made that a separate goal from my most goal of losing all the weight, because I knew that if I could journal for 90 days that this would set up the foundation for consistently eating the way that I need to in order to see significant weight loss.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              I set this goal for the first 90 days of the year and I failed.  I also set up my weight loss goal for  the first part of the year and I failed.  Or did I?

This is what I really love about life.  Every day that we wake up in the morning is another day          to get it right.  I say that every day in my morning prayers.  I thank God for giving me one                  more day to get it right.

About 4-5 weeks ago I realized that I had been journaling for 45 days in a row.  It was a             result of me putting myself on blast here on the blog and challenging myself to report my               progress to the FoodLove Community every week.  I also gave you a link to my MyFitnessPal           account so you could see everything I was eating.  Talk about motivation!  And then                           something magical happened.

When I saw that I had been journaling for 45 days, something inside clicked on.  I got so                motivated to get to that 90 day goal!  I was halfway there!  I started cheering myself on and            with each passing day I’m getting more and more inspired to get there because I’m so close.           The closer you get the more you want it because it’s like you can taste it!   And so what                     happened? Of course I started losing weight, just like I knew I would.

So figure out what you can do that can really push that needle forward and get you super               psyched to finish this year strong!

FoodLove Girl goals

  1. Create more mini goals. Part of the reason you might not be making progress on your goals is because it’s all just too much.  You said something big like “I want to be in a size 8 jeans” and you’re in a 14 and so now you’re like “Whoa”.  (Hello, me!).    What you have to do is break that goal up into some smaller goals.  Then work on those and slowly you’ll inch your way up to realizing the bigger goal.

     Start with one healthy habit that you know will help you to control your daily caloric intake,          like journaling.  Write down what you eat every day and just focus on making that a habit.              Once you’ve got that down, start looking at what you’re writing down and see where you can        make small changes.  Can you drink more water every day?  Can you reduce some of your              portions ever so slightly so that you can slowly reduce your total daily caloric intake?  Start            small and soon the baby steps will add up to your main goal.

 FoodLove Girl sleeping

  1. Get more sleep. If you are not sleeping at least 7-8 hours forget all your other goals. You aren’t going to make it because you aren’t giving your body the energy it needs to do the things you want it to do every day.  #dailyaffirmations


You should aim to begin each day as your best self and for that you need adequate rest.  Sleep is not a game.  It is serious business and it should be respected.  You ask a lot of your body and your brain and then you disrespect it by not sleeping? No.  That ends today.  In honor of our most precious goal in the FoodLove Community – living our healthiest life – I implore you to get that sleep.

FoodLove Girl knocking it out of the park

  1. Finally, it’s time to knock it out of the park. At the end of May I went on vacation and I was sitting in the airport and I got inspired to make a list.  I love making lists.  Don’t know why, always have.  So I sat down and I made a list that I called “Knock it Out the Park”.  And I said to myself, forget just making my goals, what would have to happen for me to look back at 2016 and say: “Man, I really knocked it out the park this year”?

This is a way to sort of revamp the original goal list you made but enhance it and make it                sexier for yourself.  A lot of times, it’s all about the way we package something that can          get us really motivated to get it done.  You look at that list and you say, “Damn, yeah –                that’s a life I want”. “That’s a goal list worth my time.  I want to stand at the top of that                      podium with my head held high, proud of the work I accomplished.  I want to knock it out of          the park!”

Now put this awesome list somewhere visible in your house or as a screensaver on our                    phone or your computer.  Let it inspire you and remind you every day of what you’re really              working toward.


I hope you will join me and work to finish this year strong.  Let’s see if we can knock 2016 out         of the park!   Let’s go!

What are you goals? How far are you?  Are you pumped to finish strong or are you starting to wane?  Talk to me about it.  Leave your comments below.  I love giving pep talks and pumping people up and inspiring them to meet their goals.  Join us in the FoodLove Community for that love and support you desperately need to create that awesome life I know you want.  We got you!


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  1. Julie S. says:

    These are great tips! There is still so much time to make a positive change and work on our goals. Or scrap them for new ones that make sense to us now.
    I’d love for you to link this up to my #GratitudeGoals linky

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