How To Change Your Diet When You Get Sick: You Don’t!

tea with honey

Hello.  Today I’m bringing you a tip from my Nutritionist.  I thought this topic was appropriate today because I woke up not feeling well at all.  I skipped yoga and my sleep last night was terrible.  So, I thought it was very appropriate to discuss this now.

By the way, when I asked this question, my nutritionist said that I win the prize for bringing her an issue she’s never heard before.  I pride myself in being a freak and creating new drama with this issue we call weight loss.  🙂  I asked her what to do when I got sick.  She was like – what?   What do you mean what do you do?  I was like, well what do I eat?  I’m on this new eating plan where I’ve shed the sugar and I don’t want to change that but the last time I was sick, like with a cold, this is what I ate:  unlimited Wheat Thins, tea with honey, orange juice, Progresso Soup.

I mean, none of this is on the Virgin Diet plan – sooooo………what do I do?  Her answer:  Nothing.  Don’t change the way you eat when you’re sick.  ESPECIALLY, when you’re already eating healthy – keep eating healthy.  Eating more carbs and sugar isn’t going to help the situation.  AND that’s the lesson.  Don’t change your eating habits when you don’t feel well.  Maybe you’ll eat a lot less and make sure you drink more water.  And okay, yes, if you have a sore throat – drink tea and maybe have a little honey – but BE CAREFUL.  Being sick is not an excuse to eat like crap.  In fact, it’s the last thing you should do when your immune system has been compromised.  You don’t need to make it worse by eating crap.  My beloved Wheat Thins have gluten, sugar, and unnecessary carbs.  No Bueno.  And honey is okay in very small amounts but you know I wasn’t having small amounts – I was drowning my tea in honey.  “Yes, I’d like a little tea in my honey, thank you.”  Carrier food, anyone?

So, I’m sick today and I’m just laying low, sleeping more, blogging………..and eating the same foods I’ve been eating.  🙂   No change to the diet please!

Today’s normal eating went like this:

Breakfast – Virgin Diet Shake

Coffee – 2 cups with unsweetened almond milk and cinnamon

1:00 pm  – apple

2:00 pm – Lunch – Shrimp with sundried tomatoes and broccoli – about 7 large shrimp; 1 cup of roasted broccoli

5:30 pm – apple

8:20 pm – Dinner – Smoked Chicken (8 oz. – OMG! That’s a lot of chicken); 1 cup of sautéed kale; 1 cup of roasted sweet potatoes

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