How to Keep Overeating from Ruining Your Diet


These past four days I’ve been eating more than I should.  This is of course my main issue – the main thing that has caused me to be overweight.  Sure, I’ve been working on my exercise, and the type of food I’m eating, and hydration.  But ultimately – I eat too much.  I have been very good with portion control lately but it is still my biggest issue.   Sometimes, in spite of everything I’ve learned………..I still eat too much.  Luckily, I have acquired some skills for how to keep this terrible habit from completely ruining all of the progress I’ve made.  Now, don’t get me wrong -I would prefer that we work on all the ways to keep from overeating and that is a major discussion topic to be had in the blog for many times to come but today, I want to talk about that moment when you just know it’s going to be one of those days. When you feel extra hungry or restless or “snacky”.  Snacky? Is that a word?   Anyway, you know what I mean.  My hope is that you can acknowledge that you are  feeling this way early in the day because then if we just accept that it’s a snacky kind of day then we can still make a plan.  It’s like letting yourself off the hook but yet still being responsible.   Remember the goal is just to get through the day without consuming an obscene amount of calories full of sugar and fat.  So if you find yourself in that situation, here are my tips:

1.  Choose Protein.  When you feel like you must eat more calories than normal – eat the extra in protein.  Protein makes muscle – it doesn’t make fat.  Which means you might gain weight but it won’t be fat.  It’s impossible to gain fast from a piece of baked chicken.  It just is.  So, if you’re going to have extra calories better for them to be made of protein.

2.  Drink more water than normal.  The more water you drink the less you will eat.  You’ll feel fuller and you’ll also be busy drinking water – no time to eat!  Yay!

3.  Take a nap.  If it’s the weekend this works best. I can’t advise this on a work day of course but on the weekend – treat yourself to a nice nap.  Sometimes we’re restless and it leads to us overeating.  Maybe you’ve got too much on your mind, maybe you’re stressed about work.  I don’t know but sometimes a simple timeout is what you need.  NOW – I know you might be thinking – don’t you mean – go workout, get moving? NO.  I don’t. Not when you’re feeling like this. IF you go workout – that will be good but my experience is that if I was already feeling restless and wanting to overeat the workout can sometimes just justify more overeating.  No Bueno.  I say take a physical timeout – a nap.  The nap will mentally separate you from what you were feeling that was making you want to eat.  It might not eliminate the feeling but it will help.  AND it will help pass some time.  We are just trying to make it through the day and I’m not ashamed to say it – sometimes you got to just sleep through it.  It’s not necessarily a healthy habit but this list is all about damage control not everyday behaviors that we want to cultivate.

4.  Eat empty calories.  Get a bunch of cherry tomatoes; cucumbers; carrots; green peppers; and lots of leafy greens.  Eat all of this all day long.  Usually when you’re overeating, it’s not about the taste or a craving, something else is going on so really no food is going to fix it.  So help yourself by eating things super low in calories and sugar.  I mean how many cucumbers can a person eat?  🙂

5.  Talk on the phone.  This is like sleep.  There are few things I multitask with eating.  So when people tell me to read a book or watch a movie or do some work on my computer I’m always like, “WTF? What does that have to do with eating? I can do all of that and eat at the same time.  But I can’t sleep and eat.  And I can’t talk on the phone at eat.  Especially since I don’t want the person on the phone to know that I’m eating like a madwoman.  And again – we’re trying to kill time.  So call someone.  Anyone.  Hell, call everyone!

That’s it. Those are my tips. I hope they help you.  Do you have any good tips for getting through a day of overeating without completely sabotaging your diet?  Let me know.  We need to help each other as much as we can!

Sunday’s overeating went like this:


Breakfast – Virgin Diet Shake

Coffee – 2 cups, unsweetened almond milk with cinnamon

Lunch – 1/2 cup of roasted sweet potatoes; 4 oz. of chicken; 1 cup of sautéed kale

Snacks – 2 apples; 2 chicken wings; 1 cup of green tea with almond milk

Dinner – 1 1/2 grilled chicken thighs (they were small, but still…..); 1 grilled steak (4 oz.); 1/2 cup of roasted sweet potatoes; 1 cup of sautéed kale




2 thoughts on “How to Keep Overeating from Ruining Your Diet

  1. Karen says:

    Cool tips! I know one that has been helping me is, to surrender to the idea that you aren’t depriving yourself of whatever you may be wanting. I have found that with my stubborn personality, I dont like telling myself “no”. it literally becomes a psychological war. And it derails my entire focus and momentum I have for that day. So what I now do, is tell myself I can have it or I give myself permission to eat more but then I wait. ..And sometimes I forget that I wanted it and never end up eating it or I no longer actually want it and I get through that Day without overeating.

    *You have set this blog up wonderfully by the way. By far one of the most entertaining, informative, relatable, practical and holistically created weight loss blogs I’ve ever ran across!

    • FoodLove Girl says:

      Wow. Thank you so much, that comment mean the world to me, truly! I really want this to be a place people can come to get advice and support for emotional eating. I like your method to “resist” and in fact that answer is to “stop resisting”. The minute we stop trying to resist, the temptation relaxes. It’s really the opposite of what many of us are taught we should do. Thanks for reading! I’d love for you to join the email list!

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