How to Rely on Your Faith to Help You Lose Weight

I am Muslim. But this post is for anyone who believes in a higher power.
In a few days I will end my fasting for the month of Ramadan. During this holy month I often find myself reflecting on my relationship with God. I aim to get closer to Him during this month each year. And in the past year I’ve been bringing Him more into my weight loss journey. Let me explain.

Last year, as I’ve stated many times before, I read. what I believe to be, the most important book for my weight loss journey. In her book, A Course In Weight Loss, Marianne Williamson suggests that the reason we can’t let go of the excess weight is fear. There is something in our lives that we are afraid of or afraid to feel or face and so we hold onto this weight as a sort of protector armor. She goes on to suggest that the only thing that you can do to get rid of the fear is to replace it with love. But not just any love. Love of the Divine spirit.   We have to turn our fears over to God. You have to ask for help and then let God take over.
If you are like me, then you are probably not only an overeater but you are also probably an overachiever. I would also venture to say that, like me, you tend to take it upon yourself to get everything done. You don’t wait for other people to do it for you. You try not to ask for help. And so if you are that person and you are also religious then you are probably like me, and you find it hard, and maybe it even feels wrong, to ask God for help with your weight loss struggles.
I get it. It seems silly or trivial. In a world full of tragedy, who are you to ask for help to lose weight? You’ve probably said to yourself, “God has way more important things to focus on than my inability to shut my mouth. How dare I!”.
But that’s where you’re wrong. All of our problems are God’s problems. We must completely surrender to Him. We can not pick and choose. We must love and trust him to guide us through our lives.
I am reminded of something Steve Harvey said on his morning radio show.  Allow me to paraphrase but, he was giving career advice to someone. And he said, “When you have your ordinary and you do your best and then you stop trying so hard and you ask God to help you and then you let go and actually let him help you, then you watch how he takes your ordinary and puts his extra on top …..that’s when you get that extraordinary and then you will see your life is something you could never have imagined “
I propose that we are trying too hard.  We’re over thinking this weight loss journey of ours. We have put faith in the wrong place. Somewhere along the way we decided God couldn’t be bothered by our little silly overeating issues. We decided we needed to just suck it up and fix it ourselves and the result is that now we sre waling this path alone. And that doesn’t work. You can’t do it alone. I can’t do it alone.
And so we come here to blogs and Facebook groups and support systems and that’s good because we find like-minded people we can look to for love and support. But we still left out the most important one. We left out God. Nothing in our lives will be right and true if we don’t include God on that journey.
We ask God to give us good marriages, good health in terms of no disease, and good, prosperous jobs,and yet we keep out of this one part of our lives. Why? Is it not important enough? Judging by all the money and time and frustration we’ve spent in vain, it would appear that it certainly is very important to us. So why don’t we include God?
The minute I read that book and I really started to understand how I had left God out of the process, things started to change. And the more I think about this, and pray about this, the more clarity I get.
Losing weight is not everyone’s struggle. And there are millions of people that struggle with far bigger problems than I have. But this is my struggle. And I am one of God’s children. And so I need to ask him for help with this problem like any of my other problems. There are no problems too small or insignificant for God. You must totally surrender . However long it’s been that you’ve tried to lose weight on your own its been too long. It hasn’t worked yet and it won’t work. You need help. And when you ask for help, watch how his extra changes your ordinary. It is amazing!
I call 2015 my “Miracle year of Reading” because every book I read, in the order that I read them, gave me key information about my weight loss journey that were such Ah-hah moments that it felt like a miracle. That was God. God put those books in front of me, in that order. It was not a year of coincidences. There are no coincidences. I finally gave my problem to God and he started showing me the way.
In my opinion, God doesn’t care what we call him or how we pray to him, only that we do. You do your way and I’ll do my way, to each his own. We are all God’s children and he loves us all.
So talk to him about our weight loss struggles, surrender them to him and let his Divine love replace your fears so you can finally let go of the weight. However you fell comfortable talking to God, remember, he’s here and he’s listening .

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