How Weight Watchers Kept Me from Becoming a Contestant on the Biggest Loser!



I believe that my first encounter with a prescribed plan for weight loss and dieting came when, in 2001, my then college professor/now close friend invited me to join Weight Watchers with her. I was very strapped for cash and she offered to pay my weekly $10 fee if I went with her.   To this day, that remains one of the most generous gifts I’ve ever received from anyone outside of my parents.   weight watchers

This was the first time since about the age of 14 that I actually focused on what I was eating and watching calories (or points in WW) and beginning to learn about nutrition and exercise. When I look back at the steady weight gain that I was doing year after year through high school and even more so during college – I truly believe with all my heart that if I had not joined Weight Watchers that year, I was absolutely, 100% on my way to becoming someone who needed major intervention such as being a contestant on the Biggest Loser.

So I’d like to take this opportunity on my blog to thank Weight Watchers for their help. Weight Watchers will always have a special place in my heart for being the first program to teach me about calories and to teach me about food in relation to my weight and my energy. Although Weight Watchers was not the ultimate solution for me, it was a great starting point and I’d recommend it for anyone who feels like they have no idea how to get started and what to do first.

Here are the top five lessons I learned from Weight Watchers that I think jumpstarted my weight loss journey:


  1. If you bite it you must write it. Everything you eat has to be written down. You can’t count calories (or points) if you don’t remember what you ate. That was the first thing they taught at Weight Watchers and a valuable skill that I still use today.
  2. Vegetables are free! In a world where everything seems to cost you, to find out that vegetables don’t have to be counted as calories was the best news ever! And it was the best motivator to get me to eat more vegetables before I truly liked the taste.
  3. The more you move the more you can eat. Exercise gets you more points. Now later on this became a problem for me as I started to try to overcompensate for my eating with exercise. But initially, this was another tool that got me excited about exercise.
  4. Every ounce lost counts! In Weight watchers I believe they weighed to the 0.2 pounds which I found very helpful because it takes a lot to lose a pound – 3500 calorie deficit to be exact.  As hard as it is to lose weight you need to know from week to week that you are making progress and you might not know that if they only weighed to the nearest pound. So I really appreciated seeing the 0.2lbs as I made my way down to the next pound.  And Weight Watchers members supported each other for those smaller losses as big as if they had lost ten pounds! So awesome!
  5. And Last but absolutely not least. Journal Your Feelings.   In fact I’m going to say this one is the most important. One of my Weight Watcher leaders instructed me to journal how I felt everytime I ate. This was the Game Changer. Once I started doing this, I became very aware, very quickly, about how often I was eating out of emotion and not hunger. I truly did not realize this until I started writing it down. In the course of a day, I might write down that I was hungry twice, three times tops. But I’d eat like 8 times that day. And it wasn’t until I started journaling my feelings that I started to realize the effect that emotional eating was having on my life. I won’t to you. It was painful but my real weight loss at Weight Watchers started happening after I started doing this. Before this exercise, I would lose and gain back the same 5 lbs. After I started journaling – I lose 30 lbs in 4 months!

As I said before, ultimately Weight Watchers was not the path for me in the long term but I love them always for being the first program to teach me about counting calories and to introduce me to healthy eating and moving more. I love Weight Watchers as a beginner’s tool to get you started even if you never seek the Lifetime status. It’s a great place to start!

Sunday I ate:

Breakfast – 3 strips of turkey bacon, 2 eggs, 2 cups of grapes, 1/4 of an avocado

2 cups of coffee

Lunch – 2 oz. of turkey; 1 1/2 serving of kettle potato chips; 1/4 cup of roasted sweet potatoes

Dinner – 4 oz. of grilled steak; 1 cup of sautéed string beans; 3/4 cup of pasta with garlic and olive oil

Dessert – 4 oatmeal/chocolate bite-lettes (Laura’s Wholesome Junkfood)


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