I Have A Dream (A Weight Loss Dream)

Today as we sit and think about the wonderful dream of Martin Luther King, Jr. that we would all get along and celebrate each other’s differences instead of persecuting each other for them, I am left with a thought about my own dreams for each of us in regards to our weight loss journeys and our health.

My (Weight-Loss) Dream:

I have a dream that one day we will no longer judge each other for how much weight we carry around.  We will no longer stereotype an overweight person as lazy or lacking self-control.  We won’t idolize people simply because they are a size 2 and nothing more.

I have a dream that one day modeling will be a profession for women of all sizes, shapes and colors because the fashion industry will truly be selling to everyone and celebrating everyone no matter what size jeans they wear.

I dream of day when we speak of programs like Weight Watchers as a thing of the past, a thing our ancestors used to participate in and people will say,  “oh, isn’t that a funny thing to think about – paying someone to make you stand in line and weigh yourself and count points for every morsel of food you put into your mouth.”

I dream of a day when scales are these antique artifacts left in our grandparents’ attics to discover and marvel at because we no longer use our weight as a measure of our self-worth.

A day when we all truly celebrate each other’s shapes, and curves and skin and love ourselves just as God made us.

I dream of a day when our work lives are so beautifully balanced with our play that we no longer look to food to soothe us and help us de-stress from a hectic life.

I dream of a world where unhealthy fast food and drive-ins are as deserted and ancient as old Blockbuster video stores.

I dream of a world where when you drive down the street on a warm summer day you can see countless groups of families and friends all gathered around enormous outdoor tables, block after block, communing over a good meal at the end of a long beautiful day.

I dream of day when coupons are available for fresh produce and not just cheap, sugary cereal.  I dream of grocery stores where the front aisles near the cashier are filled with enticing fresh fruits instead of candy bars.

I dream of a day when the nutrition labels are no longer necessary because all of the food is real, and whole and good and chemical free.

I dream of a world where cars are a hobby and not a necessity and everyone walks and bikes everywhere they need to go without hardship or difficulty because every city caters to the pedestrian instead of the car.

I dream of a world where gyms are few and far between because most people get the exercise they need from their daily living and they no longer need to spend an hour each day on the treadmill.

In this dream world, because of all these things, less and less people carry extra weight on them.  Being overweight and having a “weight loss journey” is a thing of the past.  It is much easier to maintain your body’s natural weight. It is much easier to enjoy food without overeating.  It is much easier to exercise without overexercising.  In this dream world, the natural way that we all live supports a healthy lifestyle at a healthy weight without extreme efforts from the individual. 

Most of all, I dream of a day when we can stop re-learning how to be healthy as adults because we never forget from our childhood We start off healthy and we continue on that path for the rest of our days.  Our jobs, our grocery stores, our restaurants, our schools, and our governments, all support our healthy lifestyles with ease.  In this dream world of mine, it doesn’t cost us more to be healthy.  In this world people aren’t made to seem like weirdos for wanting cheaper, homecooked meals.  We’re not odd-balls for wanting to walk to work and get off work before the sun goes down instead of sitting in our cars in traffic for hours and hours each day.  No.  In this world, health comes first, mental and physical, for all human beings no matter their age, race, or economic state.  I have a dream, I have a dream.  I have a dream.

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!!   What’s your (weight loss) dream?  Share in the comments below.

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