In Weight loss, as in Life, Patience is a virtue






My house is a constant lesson in patience -especially my yard.  My husband and I bought this house last May and it needed a lot of work – inside and out, but especially out.  I am constantly re-evaluating my expectations and revising my oh so important to-do list based on what can actually get done in a weekend, not what I wish could get done.  Sound familiar? Once again we can relate our everyday life to our weight loss efforts.  I said it before and I’m saying it again – we can’t expect to lose the weight overnight that we gained over yearsI am really speaking to myself more than to you, my readers.

I am trying to lose weight while also focusing on my overall relationship with food because once I lose the weight (and I know I will) the real work will be keeping it off by having and keeping a healthy relationship with food. And just like my garden, it takes persistent work, day after day, month after month, to see progress.  And that is hard. Really hard. My body will not give me results just because I’ve been eating differently for two weeks.  Or will it?  The scale hasn’t gone down and the clothes don’t feel looser.  BUT – I have no more gas after I eat, my stomach isn’t bloated when I wake up in the morning (for the most part).  And I have no cravings!  That’s right.  No cravings.  I’m not hungry nearly as soon as I used to be.  And I’m starting to realize that more times than not, when I think I’m hungry I’m really just dehydrated and need water.  My new eating plan has me eating way less quantity and way less nonsense.  My body is able to calm down and truly process what I’m eating and use it efficiently. And that is a beautiful thing.  So maybe my house isn’t perfect, my yard isn’t finished and my thighs aren’t slimmer.  But day by day, week by week, I’m getting there.

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