How to Learn from Your Eating Habits to Improve Your Whole Life!


how you eat is how you do everything; learn from your eating habits

In her book, Women, Food, and God , Geneen Roth says, “How you eat is how you do everything”

I have been thinking about this quote a lot, mainly because I find it to be so true.

This blog is all about healing our relationship with food. If you read this blog regularly, it is perhaps because you have had years of struggling with finding the right balance for food in your life.  You possibly have a history of overeating or eating things that don’t provide energy and vitality to your life.  And you want to change that once and for all.  Perhaps, analyzing this quote, can help us finally, finally heal our relationship with food.

“How you is eat is how you do everything”.  

I’m not a scientist but in my opinion the best evidence is your own life.  So I took the liberty of examining my life through this quote and here’s what I discovered about myself:

How I eat:  I eat hurried.  I eat rushed, fast.  I eat like it’s a mission.  I can hear myself saying,  “I am gonna do this thing! I’m gonna eat all of this right now!” I eat distracted by a million other things : books, tv, internet, my phone, my work.

I always put more than I need on my plate. I eat more than I know my body wants or needs.  I always feel like I never have enough……….

And then I compared my eating to my life:

When I read, I must read every last word. My husband loves to read a portion of a book and say ,”I get the gist”.  I hate the gist. I despise the gist. I must finish it.  When I want to read, I look for long, thick books that I can sink into and not be worried that the story will end too soon.  I’m afraid of running out of story.

When I shop, I overspend, I always need more.

When I pack, I overpack. I don’t want to forget anything.

When I watch television , I never watch a Netflix show unless it has like 5 seasons in backlog so I can binge watch as my leisure.  I don’t want to worry that I’ll run out of episodes.  Always afraid of the end. Always afraid of running out.  I want a backlog.

And the light bulb came on.  For me, eating and living have always had this overarching theme of “finishing” and “overdoing” and as fast as possible.  When I read that quote, I thought, “yes, how I eat IS how I do everything” – I rush, I hurry, I always want to “finish” just for the sake of finishing. I always want to be first.  I want to complete it. Whatever “it” is – even if “it” isn’t that important to me anymore.  I hate leaving things open-ended, unfinished.

So now what to do with this information?

I say, be aware of your food habits and have intention with your eating but more importantly start working on these habits in the rest of your life.  We fix our life first, then the food and the weight get fixed as a result.  Not the other way around.

So I am learning to slow down.

I’m taking long walks instead of runs.

I am reading books because they are recommended to me and it’s okay if they are short, that must mean that the author was really good at getting to the point – a skill I am trying to learn as a blog writer everyday.  J

My mother had been begging me to watch this short series “North and South” but Netflix said it was only “1 season” so I wasn’t’ interested. It turned out it was a mini-series not “1 season”.  I finally watched it and it was one of the most fantastic love stories I’ve seen in a really long time.  And I didn’t miss not having more.  They told the story beautifully so there was nothing left to say after that “season”.

I am slowing down and taking time to enjoy the little pleasures of life.  I recently posted a picture on my Facebook page where I got a manicure and then I noticed that my surroundings had been giving me subliminal messages that I needed more of this color in my life.  So I took pictures of my nails against everything they matched in and around my home.

And this week, two nights in a row, I ate my dinner at the dining room table, with no distraction and I noticed that I was full when there was still about a 1/3 of a serving left in my bowl.  But I was just shy of “full”.  Wednesday night, I took one more bite and then I was sure and I got up and wrapped the rest of the food up and put it back in the refrigerator.  The next night it happened again but I didn’t need that final bite to be sure and I wrapped that up too.

You start with your everyday life, you change your habits, you focus on really living, and the relationship with food EVENTUALLY follows suit. We can heal our relationship with food.

So now I turn the tables on you, dear readers.  How do you eat? How do you live in the rest of your life? Have you noticed any similarities? How will you let this new reality change you?   Leave a comment below.


2 thoughts on “How to Learn from Your Eating Habits to Improve Your Whole Life!

  1. Susan says:

    I relate to so much of this post.

    In my own journey from burnout to grace, I am having to look at how I do everything. My tendency to push, do too much, keep going despite signals from my body to stop. My tendency to flit from thing to thing looking for answers outside myself.

    This is also how I eat.

    Thank you for another reminder to slow down and pay attention.

  2. FoodLove Girl says:

    Absolutely, we all need a little reminding every now and then. We are so busy living our lives it can be hard to examine and see what we’re actually doing, what patterns and habits we’ve formed along the way. I’m glad this post helped you see more clearly. Good luck on your journey. Thanks for reading.

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