Leftover Halloween Candy: What to do, What to do


rug rats_halloween

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So these little rug rats did not come and get all this candy last Saturday. By the end of the night I was literally pouring it into the kids’ bags. And these sweet, well-behaved kids in my neighborhood (bless their heart) looked worried about taking too much candy. Have you ever heard of such a thing from a kid? Too much? What’s too much?

Anyway, the point is – I got like a half of a carton leftover and I can not have this in my house. I mean – CAN NOT.   So, if you’re in my situation, here are five ideas that I suggest for getting rid of said candy.

leftover halloween candy

  1. Take it to the office. This is what I did, sans a few pieces for Mr. Foodlove and a few pieces for myself when I noticed that he bought some dark chocolate. (Damn him!) For whatever reason having candy in the jar at the front desk does not phase me at all but it does bother me in the house. So, that’s what I did, dumped it in the common bowl at the front desk. garbage
  2. This is Extreme. Unwrap them and pour dish detergent on them. Notice I said unwrap. Yes- I have been there . Some of us, and I won’t name names, but Some of us, have been known to take candy out of the trash that is wrapped up and eat it anyway. Hey – it’s wrapped up, so it’s all good. Yes, I know. Don’t be ashamed, just acknowledge that it could happen and take extra steps to prevent it. Unwrap it and pour dish detergent all over the heap in the bottom of the garbage can.
  3. Drop the bag off at a neighbor’s house who has kids and make their day! Well – your neighbor might hate you but that kid will love you!strawberries dipped in chocolate
  4. IF it’s all chocolate, you could cook it all down into a bowl of chocolate and then use it to scoop out with strawberries. This only works if changing the texture can help you disassociate it in your mind. iF you think you will just sit there with a bowl and a spoon then forget about it. Forget about it! (say this with a New York accent)  bonfire
  5. Light It on fire. I know. Extreme. But it’s also symbolic. It’s your way of saying, “Halloween, I am done with you. You must leave the arena now” IT’s like the hunger games and what happens if someone jumps off the starting block too soon – Hasta La Vista, Baby! Torch it!

I hope that helps. Let’s move on now, shall we?

Tuesday’s eating went like this:

Breakfast: 2 egg omelet with spinach; 2 strips of turkey bacon; ¼ avocado; 1 cup of grapes

2 cups of coffee

Lunch – 1 tablespoon of granola; Virgin Diet Smoothie with Mixed Berries

2 cups of hot tea – Where’s the water!!!

Snacks: ½ of a large honeycrisp apple (so big!); 15 olives with roasted red pepper hummus;

Dinner –

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