Let’s Play The “No” Game!



Let’s play a game.

It’s called The No Game.  How do you play? It’s easy:  Every answer to every question is No.

Baja Fresh for lunch today, would you like tortilla chips with your salad?   No.

Would you like some munchkins during this meeting? Help Yourself.   No, thank you.

Would you like to stop off at the grocery store and get some Pop Chips?  (of course I would!)  “NO!”

Every choice we make every day regarding food, all day long – all of these collectively will add up to what we see in the mirror.

Transformation is not a future event, it is a present activity. 

– Jillian Michaels

So say “No” as often as you can so that you can say Yes ………..to skinny jeans!

say no


Tuesday’s eating went like this:

Breakfast:  2 strips of turkey bacon; 1/4 of a pear; 1/4 of an avocado; 2 eggs with spinach

2 cups of coffee and 1/4 of a honeycrisp apple

Lunch – Baja Fresh Grilled Shrimp Chili Lime Salad with no cheese

Snacks – 1 large apple; olives and tomatoes and hummus; 8 honey-roasted almonds

Dinner:  4.4 oz of grilled steak; 1/2 cup of sautéed string beans; 1/2 cup of roasted sweet potatoes

Dessert – 3 oatmeal/chocolate bite-lettes (Laura’s Wholesome Junk Food) and hot chocolate mint tea

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