Have Lunch with Warren Buffet. It Can Help You Lose Weight.

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Two weeks ago, the annual bid for a lunch with Warren Buffet took place. The winning bid was for just under  $3.5 million dollars.
I want all of us to take  moment and think about what it means to be the kind of person that bids and wins a lunch with Warren Buffet at the tune of $3.5 million dollars.
There is a lot we can learn from this man (or woman) that can help us in our weight loss journey. Let me explain.

First of all, if you are the winner, you had to have done something in your life to earn enough money to spend $3.5 million on lunch.  Think about that. You didn’t just make $3.5 million which in itself would’ve been a monumental feat. No. You earned enough that you could justify giving away $3.5 million to charity. Do you understand the type of work ethic, drive and focus it takes to be this man? 
Second of all,  Warren Buffet is, to say the least, a very interesting and knowledgeable man. He is one of the greatest businessman and investors of all time.  He has had an extremely successful life and he has a lot to share which is proven in the mere fact that lunch with him is valued at $3.5 million. So in order to feel worthy of bidding on this lunch with Warren Buffet, this man must be living a life where he believes:
a) He is at a point in his life where he can actually benefit from advice from Warren Buffet. A lot of people would shy away from that opportunity because they might not think they are worthy of such an opportunity. ” I can’t have lunch with Warren Buffet.  I’ll just be wasting his time. I’m haven’t succeeded enough on my own to warrant his advice.
And where:
b) He is comfortable enough in his own skin.  He has to be confident enough with who he is, to feel comfortable having lunch with such an important man in our society.
And Finally, Remember when I did a book review on The School of Greatness?  I said that in my opinion the most important chapter was not the one about health but the one  about volunteering and giving back? Let’s jump ahead and say you did have $3.5 million to donate. Would you have that compassionate nature and self surety to feel confident that you didn’t need to hold on to that money? Would you be free enough in your life to let go of that money because in your heart you knew it would come back ten-fold? That’s the mindset it takes to be in this position .
Every week in the FoodLove Community we spend time discussing this idea of “living full out” and no longer putting our life on pause while we figure out how to lose the weight.
I truly believe that we were all meant to do extraordinary things with our lives.   But we’ll never get there if all we do is obsess about our weight. And just in case it still isn’t clear to you by now, when we talk about reaching higher and living more – this is the level we’re talking about. The “having lunch with Warren Buffet” level. Yes. That high.
As Tony Robbins says: If you want to see change in your life,  you must raise your standards.
Reach higher and you won’t have time to worry about your weight  and because you aren’t worried about it, you will finally let go of it.  You will lose the weight.   And then if you continue to reach higher and higher, as a bonus, maybe one day you too will be able to bid on a lunch with Warren Buffet. Cheers to you.
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