5 Tips for How to Move On After a Weekend of Overeating

Monday Regrets: How to Move On After a Weekend of Overeating ( 5 tips)

Mondays can be extremely challenging days if you were not good to your body on the weekend.  And even if you weren’t horrific but you just didn’t eat as planned, you can wake up feeling loaded with regret.  But we have to be careful because regret can turn into self-loathing which can turn into full on self-sabotage.  We start to say things like, “well, I screwed it all up, no point in doing anything good now!  Oh well, might as well eat whatever I want!”   That is exactly the opposite of what we should be thinking.  5 tips for moving on; weekend of overeating; overeating on the weekend


Instead we must figure out a way to regroup and start anew.  I’ve been here many a Monday and here are 5 real tips that truly help me to get back to healthy eating and move on from a weekend of overeating.

  1. Drink a lot of water.  So there’s something to be said for the emotional healing that can come from physically “flushing” your system.  You ate some unhealthy things or if you’re like me you ate a bunch of healthy things and you ate too much, either way, you feel bad about it.  So flush it out.  When you wake up in the morning drink a big ole’ bottle of water and keep ‘em coming the rest of the day.  Drink, drink, drink.  Flush, flush, flush.
  2. Say Your Daily Affirmations. IF you subscribe to my blog I give you a copy of my Daily Affirmations.  I say them to myself while standing in front of a mirror everyday.  They help to remind me of my goal to live a healthy life and they help to reinvigorate me and remind me of how I want to be.  I talk in present tense as if I’m already there on all my goals.  Like I live like that everyday and you know what? Slowly but surely a lot of things on that list are actually in the present tense now and I believe that is due in part to saying my daily affirmations every morning. Our minds are powerful things and we need to work hard and controlling the thoughts that come into them.  Don’t let negative thoughts take up residence in your mind.  You deserve better than that.  Use your Daily Affirmations to start the day off with super positive thoughts.  No day is more important for Daily Affirmations than Monday after you’ve overeaten on the weekend.  It can virtually stop the negativity that’s about to shoot down the tunnel.  It can stop it dead in its tracks. Just saying those positive things to yourself first thing in the morning can be very powerful.
  3. Make sure you first meal of the day is super healthy! I don’t care what time of day you normally eat your first meal but make sure it’s a super healthy. Don’t under eat!  Don’t say, “oh I had 2,000 calories yesterday instead of 1500 so I’d better have 1,000 today. No!  Wrong attitude. We’re not going to make up for yesterday.  WE’re just going to move on.  Today is the same goal as yesterday -1500 (or whatever is your goal) just keep it moving.  But making sure you eat a balanced, well-proportioned meal as your first meal will again be something physical that’s positive and breaks the negativity thought patterns that are trying to form in your head.  You sit down to a salad or a Green Smoothie and you’re silently and physically telling your mind, “Hey, I’m over it. I’m moving on. Today is a new day.  So cut that negativity out!”
  4. Throw out the culprits. If you still have any food left over that was the culprit then throw it out.  This will really only work if you were overeating on something that was unhealthy.  If you’re like me and sometimes you overeat on healthy foods then you may not want to throw it out but you may want to move it out of eyesight for a few days.
  5. Journal! The worst thing you can do is stick your head in the sand and act like it’s not happening. Ideally you’re journaling on the day you’re overeating as well.  Even if we are having a day where we feel like we can’t help ourselves, it’s still beneficial to write it down.  It’s data. Data is the ultimate truth teller.  WE need to know exactly how much we overate, if possible, what time of day.  This helps us in the future to arm ourselves with tools to protect ourselves from those times when we’re most susceptible to our more unhealthy habits.  But regardless of what you did the day before, Monday, make sure you journal .  First of all, if you start journaling you’ll feel normal again and you’ll feel like you’re back on your plan.  Because you are back on your plan.  New day, remember?  But also again, it’s a physical break in the negativity cycle.  Your brain says “oh, I’m journaling, okay so then we’re back on the plan, business as usual. I got to focus on this journaling so no time to lament over what happened yesterday”.

Please read this and do these things immediately.  Whatever day of the week it is, it doesn’t matter.  If you over eat on the weekend but carried it into Monday and you’re reading this Tuesday, fine.  Start on Tuesday, get up and drink your water and follow these steps.  This will work.  You have a plan, it’s working, just keep working the plan.  As I write this I’m talking to myself as much as I’m talking to you guys.  I over ate last weekend and I felt the negativity coming up in waves on Monday morning.  I put on my pants and they felt tight.  I ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and I said,

“Where I am today, is where my mind put me.  Where I”ll be tomorrow is where my mind put me.”

(-Billy Blanks, Taebo)


You’ve heard me say it before, this is a weight loss journey not a short term diet plan.  It takes as long as it takes, there is no final deadline.  Our goal is to live our fullest, healthiest life possible every single day for as long as we have on this beautiful earth.  So get up, and make today a great new day!


Do you struggle with the weekend eating?  Is it hard for you? Talk to me about it. I know those feelings oh too well.  You are in good company, my friend!

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