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In a previous post as part of my emotional eating series: Uncovering the Truth about my Emotional Eating, I talked about how my miracle morning has given me the time to process my thoughts and emotions and how they relate to my overeating history. For more background on exactly where this idea of a Miracle Morning comes from, click here.

I wanted to share with you some insight into exactly how I’ve chosen to apply Hal’s Life S.A.V.E.R.S. in my own life.

This is how my Miracle Mornings usually go:

I get up around 5:30 am, have a glass of water, brush my teeth and do my early morning prayer. I pray 5 time a day religiously so this was not a new part of the morning routine. Then I began the seven Life S.A.V.E.R.S.

S = Silence

I would then meditate for five minutes every day (I have a little mantra I say to myself while breathing very slowly in and out and trying to hear and concentrate on nothing but my breath) – I found this really hard to do and still find it hard to do but I’m doing it.

A = Affirmations

Next, I wrote down 15 affirmations based on what I need in my life right now – the goals I have and the type of person I am working to become in the present moment. 15 may sound like a lot and honestly I have no idea how many you should have but I kind of wrote them down free flow without too much thought and when I was done I liked what I had on paper so I stuck with it. I have since added about 2 or 3 kind of mantras that I also repeat in between the affirmations as more helpful tools to strengthen my belief in myself and what I want to accomplish that day.

So I after I pray and after I meditate, I stand in front of the mirror and say these affirmations to myself with strong voice and I look myself in the eye and I work to make myself belief that what I’m saying is already true. I say these affirmations in the present tense – not future like who I hope to be or how I hope to live – but now, as if I am already living this way right now. That’s very important. You must say your affirmations like true statements that you already you believe about yourself. You are building up your own self esteem by acting as if.

The extra thing I’ve done is that I formatted my affirmations to be themed toward my weight loss so they are all related to my relationship with food since this is #1 on my goals for my own personal development. You can get access to my list by signing up for the email list. For now here are a few of them:

  1. Where I am today, is where my mind put me. Where I am tomorrow, is where my mind put me. (Billy Blanks, Taebo video)
  2. Transformation is not a future event, it is a present activity. (Jillian Michaels)
  3. I enjoy food but I am able to enjoy it in appropriate portions. I enjoy food but it does not consume my every thought. I have a full life and food is a small part of it. (FoodLove Girl)

V = Visualization

When I’m done with my affirmations, I sit back down in my meditation corner, and I close my eyes and this time I am more active in the mind. I am visualizing my goals for myself.

So first I visualize the bigger goal that I’m reaching toward. This is like going through a movie script of your life in your head. So right now that is I want to fit my size 8 jeans by Halloween. This was the lowest I have been in my adult life – when I turned 30, I was able to wear these jeans. So that’s my most immediate difficult goal. So I visualize that day and how I will look and how it will be a normal day but I will know that something is different. I will know that I did the work to make this happen (by the grace of God).

Then I go into visualizing the everyday behaviors that will be necessary to get to this day so I kind of visualize myself cooking healthy, eating healthy, drinking water, journaling what I’m eating, continuing my Miracle Mornings, doing my workouts, putting in the work to get to the goal of size 8 jeans by Halloween. I even visualize myself in smaller outfits from what I am wearing today – so like the in –between sizes. I visualize going through those sizes on the road to getting to a size 8 again.

And finally I visualize today. I think ahead and see what I’ve planned for the day and how that day might look as I know it to be right now. I think about all the obstacles that might lay in front of me for eating healthy and working out. Any difficult conversations I anticipate having that day, I visualize them and see myself dealing with them in a calm and collected manner such that I don’t feel the need to stress-eat. I think about all the stresses that could arise and I picture myself breathing through them and possibly doing certain things to prepare for them and prevent them from ruining my goals of weight loss.

For example, this past Thursday morning, I saw how I would be rushing on Thursday to make it back from the conference to get to the office and how lunch would be an issue. So after my Miracle Morning, I made a smoothie for lunch and put it in the refrigerator at the office before leaving for the conference so that I had lunch waiting for me. Problem solved. I visualized the problem and the solution.

E = Exercise

This varies for me. During Ramadan, I ate so early and had so many hours before I could eat or drink anything that I only allowed “exercise” to consists of: stretches, 30-day plank and wall-sit challenges, and some squats.

Right now, my exercise is spelled out for me by the 90 Day Body Revolution program that I am following so I do 30 minutes of exercise – whatever workout I am on that day. And on my rest day I omit the exercise portion of my Miracle Morning and do more reading instead.

One big change – I now eat breakfast before my morning workout. For years, people have told me not to workout on an empty stomach and I was just convinced that I couldn’t eat and then workout. I had a sort of “don’t eat before you swim because you’ll get cramps” kind of weird myth going on in my head. But starting with this 90 day challenge I just decided to change my mind on that. And I did. So now I eat then I workout. It’s funny how sometimes if you just decide to think differently you can. Just decide. Simple as that.

R = Reading

Okay, so reading. This is important. You are reading materials that you think will help you grow. This is not the time for fun fiction. Even though I love a good novel, Lord knows. This ain’t the time for that. You can read your Holy Book, whatever that may be (For me, that’s the Qur’an). You are reading some self-help or self-improvement books. Maybe you’re reading something related to the goal you are working on most currently – something that will help you learn a new skill that you need to progress to the next level. Stuff like that. Think to yourself – will reading this help me grow? Will it make me stronger? Will it provide me with new tools that I can use throughout my day? If you answered yes – read that.

And this is where the real magic happened for me. I made an intention to read things related to my emotional eating and my quest to think differently about my life. And this is also where I go back to my belief that God started presenting me with reading material (a.k.a. tools) – starting with the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, that I was now ready to read, digest, and use to the fullest.

The next book that I read, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey, was the first book to unlock some of my truths about myself that I had not realized were blocking me from losing weight and keeping it off. This will be my second post in this series. But first, one more Life S.A.V.E.R.

 S = Scribing

So every day you are supposed to journal. You are journaling about what you’re grateful for; what your goals are; how you’re feeling; events that happened that you might wrestling with or just want to jot down for future reflection. This journaling is extremely important and what happened for me is that I found myself sort of combining the journaling and the reading. My reading would cause me to start journaling thoughts that the reading triggered or some of the reading asked me to do writing exercises so I would be writing things down related to that. And then at night, I am trying to end the day with journaling what I’m grateful for that day as a sort of closure to the night and a positive setup for the next Miracle Morning. In his book, Hal provides you with some really great prompting exercises if you’re not sure what to write about. I found those extremely helpful.

Monday’s eating:

Breakfast:  2 eggs; 2 strips of turkey bacon; 1/4 of an avocado; 1 cup of grapes

2 cups of coffee

Lunch:  Panera Bread Turkey Chili; 1 cup of almond milk

Snack – 1 large honey crisp apple; 8 honey roasted almonds; 4 cashews

Before dinner:  olives/cherry tomatoes with hummus

Dinner: sautéed brussel sprouts/kale mix; smoked turkey; braised white beans

Dessert: Laura’s Wholesome Bite-lettes (chocolate/oatmeal); chocolate mint tea




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