Looking For a Good Distraction from Eating? Take A Road Trip!


take a road trip

Saturday I had to back to my college town to visit a friend and get my hair done. And before anybody even starts – yes,  there are many other hairdressers closer to where I live but I have major trust issues so I stick with what I know.  Anyway, about every 3-5 months I have to down there to see her and I usually combine it with seeing a good friend of mine.   It’s a 3 hours drive and usually I make a weekend of it but this time I really didn’t want to do that because I’m still recuperating from the mouth surgery and I can’t eat solids and I’m on this exercise plan with Body Revolution and I didn’t want to have to workout somewhere else other than my home if I didn’t have to. So I decided to make it a one day road trip.  It turns out, a long drive can be quite the distraction for an overeater like myself.

So I got up and did Workout 6 of Body Revolution before I left.  I packed two smoothies one for breakfast when I was about one hour from destination (didn’t want to stop to go to the restroom) and then the other for on the way home.  I queued up my phone with podcasts so I listened to those all the way there and learned a ton to help me with my blog so the road trip was incredibly productive from that perspective.  Then on the way home, my cooler wasn’t packed as tight as I usually do so the second smoothie wasn’t as cold as I like them so I just skipped it.  Now, I don’t recommend you do this but I want to highlight a good point.  I was hungry.  Truly hungry.  And I decided to not stop and buy something but just wait it out and you know what?  I got home and I had two yogurts (coconut cultured, not dairy) and some grapes and went to bed.

So I ended up eating about 400-600 calories less than I normally do.  It is good to have a moment where you can feel what it’s truly like to be hungry because honestly in order to lose weight you’ll have to feel that a little bit more than you’d like.  But this road trip was a great moment to remind me of what true hunger feels like, to acknowledge the feeling, and to recognize that it’s not the end of the world.  The hunger even passed after a while and I was fine.  I didn’t collapse or lose my mind.  I was totally fine.

So, take a road trip, pack smart meals/snacks and make a decision to not stop along the way and see how it goes.  You may enjoy the solace and peace of mind you get from being away from your refrigerator and pantry and all the other temptations to eat that you have in your normal life.  Allow yourself to feel hungry and empty.  Remember what that feels like.  Use the road to gain some perspective. 

My eating on Saturday went like this:

Breakfast – Virgin Diet Smoothie (with banana in it); 1 cup of tea with almond milk

1 bottle of water

Dinner (9:30 pm) – 2 coconut cultured yogurts; 2 cups of grapes; tea with almond milk

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