Why Your Partner is Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts and 5 Tips to Make Him Stop

When I got married, my mother gave me a piece of advice. She said to me: when couples move in together their daily habits start to merge and they end up resembling each other physically. You look and you’ll see that if one person is athletic their partner probably is too. If one is super lean then their partner probably is too. If one is a muscle bound gym rat, the other probably is too. And if one is overweight the other person probably is too.  And if they aren’t, give them time. One person in the relationship will shift the other way, the only question is which way will the shift occur. So beware and make sure the shift occurred in your favor.
partner sabotaging weight loss
When you start to make healthier choices in an effort to lose weight and improve your lifestyle you may notice your partner trying to sabotage your efforts by bringing home little treats or encouraging you to make bad choices at the restaurant. You may even see him eat worse than usual in an effort to convince you that you’re not eating so bad when you cheat- not compared to him anyway.
Why is he doing this? What’s his motive?
Believe it or not, it’s not really about you. It’s really about him. He’s not a bad, evil person. He’s frightened that you are changing and that you might be outgrowing him. Suddenly your discipline and self control are threatening to his everyday life. And so he has 2 choices. He can jump on board or he can sabotage your efforts and try to get you to regress. 9 out of 10 times, your partner will try the latter. It’s easier to try to get you to cheat than to try to make changes for himself and get healthier with you.  And the more progress he sees the worse his sabotaging will get and it will become very hard for you to meet your goals and live in the same house with him. But if you understand his motives then you can do your part to patiently show him that sabotaging you will not work in the long run and that joining you in this new and health lifestyle is really his only option.

Getting him to see the light will take some time but here are 5 tips to help you continue to make progress even when he tries to sabotage your efforts.

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5 Easy Tricks to Help You Stop Eating Your Partner’s Snacks

“I’d be skinny if it wasn’t for my partner’s snacks.”

How many of you have said that before?

Blaming our significant other for our bad habits is all too easy and sometimes feels very true. Afterall, if the food wasn’t in the house we wouldn’t eat it and who brought it in the house in the first place?

Well, we can’t always get our partners to eat healthy with us but we can do more to ensure that their unhealthy choices don’t end up on our hips.
stop eating your spouse's snacks; how to stop snacking tips;

 Here are 5 tricks to that can help you stay away from your partner’s snacks:

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Best Smoothie for Breastfeeding Mamas

[*This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase any of these mentioned products through my links I will receive a small commission. I do not recommend products that I have not used myself.  I believe that all of these products contributed to increasing my breastmilk supply.]

Awhile back I  did a post about my favorite breakfast smoothie.  This smoothie will guarantee 4 + hours of satisfaction and zero hunger pains until lunch.  It will also help you curb your sugar cravings over time.  I originally got this recipe from a book called The Virgin Diet.  Although I no longer prescribe to any set “diets” I do still highly recommend reading this book to understand inflammation and how it can drastically affect your health and your efforts to lose weight.  As I mention during my experiment of the  21 day Virgin Diet, the best side effect was my lowered sugar cravings.  The breakfast smoothie, I believe, was a big part of that.

best smoothie for breastmilk production

After having a baby this past March I experienced a lot of trouble with producing enough breast milk for my baby.  One of the things that helped were people’s recipes for lactation cookies that I found on Pinterest.  There were hundreds of versions of them.   However instead of baking cookies, which I absolutely have no time for, I simply modified and put the same crucial ingredients into my breakfast smoothie in exchange for the NOW Sports Pea Protein PowderI normally use.  I ended up increasing my milk supply while enjoying a delicious smoothie that keeps me full until lunchtime.    I also find that with the added supplements, I need more sugar for the taste because the brewer’s yeast especially can be kind of potent so I use tropical fruits in exchange for the blueberries I show in the original breakfast smoothie recipe.  So without further ado, here is the recipe for the Breastmilk Producing Breakfast Smoothie: Continue reading