Six Ideas from Islam I Use to Help Me Lose Weight

6 ideas from islam to lose weight

This post is a response to James Altucher post titled, Six Ideas From Islam I Use to Find Success.

When something has been a part of your life forever it can be easy to get lost in the details and forget the fundamental reasons you committed in the first place. Such is the case with my religion. I recently read a post from one of my favorite online thought provokers, James Altucher about how Islam has helped inspire his success. I find it interesting that the person whose post re-invigorated my love of Islam is in fact not a Muslim. But that is what I love about my religion – the simple foundations that you can use to create a beautiful life independent of your personal beliefs about God.

 So I was inspired to look at the 6 ideas James highlighted and see how they can help me with my quest to heal my relationship with food and stop my emotional overeating.

1. Surrender – Islam teaches you to surrender everything to God. To act in service of God and take God with you on your journey through life. I was first reminded of this idea as it applies to our weight loss journey when I read Marianne Williamson’s A Course in Weight Loss. This was the premise of the entire book and I talk a lot about that book on this blog because it was a real turning point for me in my relationship with food. Every day that I can remind myself that I am not meant to do this alone is a better eating day for me right from the start.  When we surrender our problems to God they suddenly become much smaller because nothing is too much or too great when measured against God. We can always cope when we bring in God’s love. Continue reading

How to Get Your Workouts Done When You Are a New Mom: 7 Tips

find time as a new mom; workout new mom; 7 tios for a new mom

I had a baby 12 weeks ago.  Typically you are medically allowed to start working out 6 weeks after you give birth.  Being medically allowed to do something and actually getting started and finding time are two very different things.  I think that this time in my life is the most insane period I’ve ever had when it comes to finding a spare moment and navigating the logistics that come with having a newborn in the house.  It’s been 4 weeks now since  I started working out and I have figured out some tricks to set yourself up for success.  I hope you find them useful.

7 Tips for Getting Your Workouts Done When You are a New Mom:

1. Remember the primary goal: to move your body vigorously for a minimum of 30 minutes everyday. No matter what’s happening if you remember this is the goal then you will have a greater chance of overcoming obstacles in your way because you won’t be distracted  by things that don’t matter.  The only thing that matters is moving your body vigorously for 30 minutes or more. Continue reading