The Simplest Thing You Can Do To Lose Weight in 2018 All Year Long

The one thing you can do right now to help you start losing weight fast is to find one thing that makes you feel good about the way you look that also has nothing to do with the number on the scale.  For me that one thing was rolling my hair at night.
For years my mother has been trying to get me to do this but I just blew her off  because it seemed like it would just be one more thing I had to add to my to-do list.  But this past summer, I finally took her advice and started rolling my hair at night.  4 months later its the single best thing I’ve done for my weight all year.
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For years my mother insisted that if I just rolled my hair at night it  would give me a nice curl in the morning. At that time in my life I was spending a lot of time overexercising so my main hairstyle was a quick ponytail. It was very boring,  understated and plain.
Subconsciously what was really going on was that I was telling myself, “you are too fat to walk around with your hair looking special. What’s the point anyway? All people will see is how big you are. You’ll seem silly trying to keep your hair nice when everything else looks so bad so don’t bother.”
So what’s changed?
Why did I finally  decide to listen to my mom and try rolling my hair? It certainly wasn’t because I had lost weight. In fact I had a baby in March so I was even bigger!
Two years ago I changed the way I approached my weight loss journey. I made a deliberate effort to look as good as I possibly could at the current weight I was. No more waiting on the weight.
As a result something incredible happened.
I felt pretty. Not “pretty for a fat girl”, but truly pretty. I looked good on the outside and that made me feel good on the inside. It turned out that treating myself well and being good to myself was the exact recipe for weight loss that I needed.
Each day that I got up,got dressed and walked outside feeling pretty resulted in a day where I didn’t want to numb myself out with food. As a result I naturally started eating less and eating better to make sure that I kept feeling good. Feeling good on the outside started translating to feeling good on the inside.
 Deone Sanders said it best,
“When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you play good. When you play good you get paid good. When you get paid good you live good.”
Perhaps we can alter that to apply to our weight loss journey.
“When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you want to eat good. When you eat good you play good. When you play good, you live good.”
You get the idea.
After all of that work I was in a much better place to hear my mother’s suggestion to roll my hair at night and so I did. Now, instead of seeming like a chore, it just seemed like the next natural step in my quest to look my very best. My wardrobe was popping, of course my hair should follow suit. Boy what a difference that made this year!
 Being overweight and then having a baby and gaining even more weight was a very challenging moment in my life. This could have been a time when I sunk further into the dieting abyss. But because of the work I had already done I was prepared and I knew that the first thing to do was find my beauty right then and there, post pregnancy body and all. Rolling my hair helped me do that.
Now everyday when I wake up and I unroll my hair,  I see those fantastic curls and I get giddy with joy. My hair looks awesome! I am excited to get out there and start my day! From that single nightly habit comes a dozen other actions throughout the day that are good for me and will eventually lead to me losing weight naturally.
I do believe with all my heart that one day soon I will walk this earth with no more excess weight on my body. I haven’t given up on that goal.  But now, when I do, it won’t be because I sustained a ridiculous 1200 calorie diet or pushed through endless hours of bootcamp. No. It will be because I learned to love myself as I am in this moment. My body will in turn respond to that love and let go of the protection that it sought in the excess weight.
Loving myself today starts with simple habits like taking the time to roll my hair every night so that I can look my very best the first chance I get, not when the scale tells me its okay to do so.
What is the one thing you do today to look and feel your best as soon as possible? Leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.



I’m Gonna Love You Like I’m Gonna Lose You



Could Decluttering Help You Lose Weight?

About a month ago, I had a very unfortunate argument with a woman on my staff.  She was upset because I had taken a box of empty binders from her office to our supply room in an attempt to slowly help declutter her workspace.  She said she was saving the box of binders for a large report. I didn’t see the big deal because she could simply get the binders back from the supply room when she needed them. “How would you feel if someone came into YOUR office when you weren’t there and threw stuff out?” she asked me. I apologized and agreed that I had overstepped.
In my defense I didn’t just wake up and decide to go clean someone else’s office. We had been discussing for months me helping her to declutter and clean up. She got very upset and she asked me ultimately why it bothered me so much when it wasn’t my work space. I told her it looked unprofessional and that it affected her productivity.  But was that really my issue?
Later I pondered her question.
Why did other people’s clutter make me so crazy? Why did it bother me so much?
Deep down, I feel like her clutter is contagious and if I don’ t get rid of it then I am silently saying it’s okay,  it’s acceptable. And if I’m saying it’s acceptable then I could “catch it”. My office could slowly end up looking like hers over time.

Over the past two years I’ve been noticing a correlation between my stuff and my weight.  Over time I’ve also noticed the same correlation between other overweight people and their stuff.

We tend to hold onto extra stuff for no real reason. We say things like, “I might need it one day” or “what if I run out” or “what if someone asks me for a copy of that”.

Our clutter is another way of holding on. It provides a false sense of security, just like our weight. Subconsciously we sabotage our diets. We overeat when we’re not hungry. On some deeper level we want to keep the weight on because it gives us this false sense of security and safety, much like a security blanket for a child.
Suddenly you have all this stuff in your way that you have to focus on so you don’t have time to focus on what’s really going on. Clutter doesn’t just crowd your office or your home,  it crowds your mind so that you have no room to feel your true feelings. Now you’re focused on your clutter and how to organize it. You’ve created something else to “deal with’ to put first.
That’s exactly what a diet is. A diet is a way to put our real life on pause because we need to “deal with” our weight. But that’s really just more noise and clutter to distract us from our real issues.
Once I realized I was doing that in my own life I started a massive effort to declutter and minimize. I started with my wardrobe and I did this program, Project 333, which focused on creating an essential wardrobe with a bare minimum number of pieces.
After having a lot of success with my wardrobe,  I looked at the rest of my life.  I started working hard at being comfortable in open,  uncomplicated spaces. It was both terrifying and liberating. Each new clean space was like peeling back another layer of my emotions and exposing my shit. Just like when you stop eating your feelings,  once I cleaned a room out, I realized I had some new emotions to deal with, to tackle. There was no where to hide.
I didn’t think I was in her office uninvited. We had been having many discussions prior to that day about the need to clean up. But when we actually started removing things she couldn’t handle it. She claimed that it wasn’t the clean up that was the problem it was the way I was doing it. She wanted to be there at all times and oversee it.
She said she truly wanted to declutter and she wanted my help but we needed to do it her way.
I get that.  This is why dieting doesn’t work. No one diet designed for the masses is gonna work for you because you’ve got to figure out for yourself what it’s gonna take to lose the weight and it’s gotta be your way or it’s never gonna last.
Maybe if we figure out a way to declutter her office “her way” then it will really work and it will stick. Maybe.
But I think the real issue was that the open space, the empty shelves, the VOID,  was making her uncomfortable.  She had barricaded herself inside her office and now I was exposing her and it felt unsafe, vulnerable. She felt exposed.
We can feel the exact same way when we start to lose weight. I know I have. Suddenly you don’t have your weight to hide behind. More people notice you. You’re “out there”.  Suddenly losing weight feels awful because you’ve exposed yourself and there is no hiding.
If you are overweight and you know you’ve had a history of sabotaging a diet or two (or five), I implore you to take a look around your house, your car, and your office space. See what else you may be holding onto besides your weight . You may start to see the same correlation I found. Start letting go of stuff in other areas of your life first, that will eventually lead to being able to let go of the weight.
Cheers .
 Leave your comments below, I’d love for us to get deeper into discussing this topic. I feel it is vital to our weight loss success!


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