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As I’ve mentioned many times before, one of the most important things I did for myself on this journey in weight loss was to read and complete all of the exercised in the book, A Course in Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever.  That book was quite possibly the most important book I’ve read to date regarding getting to the truth of my emotional eating.  Towards the end of the book there is an exercise called, “Redesign”.  In this exercise you basically picture your “Ideal Day”, so, for me what a day in the life of “Skinny” FoodLove Girl looks like.  The point is to envision how food is naturally incorporated into your life when you’re living a very healthy lifestyle and really picture what that day looks like.

In this journey we’ve got to really start picturing how we want things to be.

We can’t achieve what we can’t see.

If you can’t picture it then how will you ever begin to form a map that lays out a specific plan to getting to your goals?   I recently heard a perfect metaphor from a podcast by Lewis Howes (you know how I love my podcasts).  And he said that setting goals with no end-game is like turning on your gps system in your car and not picking a destination.  The gps system can tell that you’re in L.A but if it you don’t type in “New York” then it has no idea that’s where you want to go and instead it will just drive you in circles.  If we don’t know where we want to go then we can’t really set up a proper road map to get there.

With weight loss it’s not just about making a statement like “I want to fit into my skinny jeans”.  No. You’ve got to picture the life of the person who wears those jeans. Because she has made different choices that got her to that smaller size.  She makes decisions every day that are different from the decisions you make now. And you’ve got to start picturing her – you -today, right now, in order for that to ever become a reality.

So I wrote about my Ideal Life back in September 2015 when I was reading this book, A Course in Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever.  But then this morning I was reading a new book called, The School of Greatness: A Real-World Guide to Living Bigger, Loving Deeper, and Leaving a Legacy by Lewis Howe and this book is about how to live your greatest life possible.  This book also asks you to do certain exercises.  One of the very first exercises it asks you to do is to create your Perfect Day.  In the back of my head, I thought, “I’ve done this before” but I proceeded to do this exercise nonetheless.  Then I went back and read the older exercise I had done and they were completely different.  My Ideal Day was completely different from my Perfect Day.  Why?

First, let’s take a look at what I wrote for my “Ideal Day”:

My Ideal Day! 1

I wake up early and I have a large glass of water.  I do my morning prayer and thank God for another miraculous day and another change to serve him. I do my Miracle Morning routine of affirmations, meditation, visualization, reading, and writing.   I workout and really push myself in my exercises.  I eat a healthy breakfast and make an intent to have that breakfast serve me with energy all morning long. I work on my blog, growing it further to reach and help more people and hopefully  increasing its income potential.  I dress impeccably and I head off  to work with a positive intention.  I do my work diligently with patience and enthusiasm.  I am pleasant to be around and when people ask me for help I give it without hesitation.  When lunch time comes around I am ready for a break and pleased with my progress at work thus far.  I go home for lunch, maybe I have someone join me.  If the weather is nice, we eat outside.  If I am alone,  I enjoy a podcast while I eat a healthy meal that I pray will give me the energy to finish the work day strong.  I do my afternoon prayer and I go back to work with new energy and a renewed positive intention.  After work, I either engage in some type of informal exercise like walking while listening to a podcast or hiking at the nearby trail.  If I’m not feeling like more exercise, that’s okay since I did my morning workout and instead I do something productive around the house like gardening or whatever house beautification project I’m working on at the moment.  After my evening activity, I have dinner at the dining room table and really enjoy the meal.  I do my nighttime skincare rituals and relish in the beauty of my own skin.  I end the day with a night prayer and journal what I’m grateful for.  I may spend an hour reading or watching tv.  I go to bed with enough time to get 7-8 hours of rest to prepare for the next glorious day.


Now here’s what I wrote this morning about my “Perfect Day”.

My Ideal Day

I wake up next to my loving husband and we both jump out of bed super excited to start a new day.  I peek in on my son and see that he is still sound asleep and smiling which means he’s probably having a happy dream.  I go through my Miracle Morning routine and finish with a vigorous workout.  By the time I’m done, my son is up and he’s watching me and smiling. I take him upstairs and we get dressed and talk about what we’re going to do today. I cook a yummy breakfast for both of us and then we begin our day that consists of going to the park, the zoo, the library, and some sort of group learning class.   I come home and during his nap I work with my team on my platform.  We are currently in the midst of an affiliate program for a good friend and fellow blogger and we are crushing it.  We do some promo shoots for the blog and the podcast and I write up some blog post drafts for them to edit.  We do all of this from the comforts of my home office. When my son wakes up, he helps me cook dinner.  My husband arrives back from work and we all sit down together for a great dinner at a beautifully set table and discuss out day.  We all end the day reading or watching television together of ran hour or so and then get to bed to get enough rest to do it all again the next day, God-willing. 


So these two days are obviously quite different.

I think it’s important to do both exercises. Why?  What’s the difference?

The first day, my Ideal Day, that I wrote about here in this post is a day that I can have right now without making any major changes to my life.  I don’t love my day job but it’s not miserable and it pays well and so I can choose to be grateful for that and look at it with a positive intent and try to give my very best every day which will in turn make each day that much more gratifying . This ideal day also spells out how I’d like to be no matter the circumstances.  Life isn’t perfect and there are things right now that I want to change. But a lot can change simply with intention.  I can make this ideal day happen every single day by pure intent.

The  second day is  my Perfect Day because it contains things I don’t have right now – a child, and a job I can do from home.  This is my dream.  This is what I hope for in the near future but to get here I’ve got to start by having as many days like my ideal day as I can because the girl who wants to live the Perfect Day someday, has to train herself by living the Ideal Day today.

 I have everything I need to live the Ideal Day right now. It is simply my choice as to whether or not I succeed each day.

As Overeaters I think we often allow ourselves to get bogged down by our “stuff”.  We get busy and we over plan and over pack our schedules and……we over eat.   It all goes together I think. It’s not separate.  And in the midst of that over doing we’re underliving.  Is that a word? I think I just made that up. But you get my point.

We have to keep asking ourselves – What is this all for? Why do I want to lose weight? What type of life am I trying to get to? And then we have to figure out – What do I have to do every day, right now, to get to that life? What does my Ideal life look like now so that I can get to my Perfect Life later?

So what’s your Perfect Day look like one day in the future?  And what’s your Ideal Day look like now? Can you act “as if”? Can you start right now? Whatever time it is when you write it down, start with that very next part of the day.  If you write this down during your lunch break then make the rest of that day as close to your Ideal day as you can.  Test yourself.  See how close you come.  See how good it feels.

And then come back here and tell us all about it. Leave a comment. We’re here.  We’re listening.



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