Post Thanksgiving Debrief 2015



So, last week I was home for Thanksgiving.  I gave you guys the spiel about my plan so of course I had to come back and let you know how it went.

Is it okay to say that I both failed and succeeded? Such is life, right?

Let me give you the highlights of the food first.  Rather than listing my meals for every tedious day, I thought I’d just highlight the very good things I did and the worst things I did in a little chart.

Good Stuff Bad Stuff
Only Stuffing at Thanksgiving and all Lunch/dinners after that from Thursday – Sunday – no other breads whatsoever! Granola instead of eggs for breakfast  – twice
Small servings at all meals! Coffeemate in my coffee in one cup of two each day instead of almond milk in both  – this is not a calories issue just a natural, wholesome foods issue
No seconds at any meal other than Thanksgiving! Garrett’s popcorn – Thursday night as a substitute for my brownies!
No fancy Starbucks lattes (usually allow this while on vacation!) Garrett’s popcorn – all days except the movie that it was meant for – so bad!
Did my workouts Everyday!! Brownies and ice cream – maybe a 1/2 serving more each day than originally planned
Skipped meals on Tuesday and Wednesday so I had a calorie deficit! (did not do this on purpose)
Only one slice of sweet potato pie the entire week!


So, on the first two days I did what I said I was going to do and focused on really “being there” but this worked so well that I actually missed some meals and I was actually at a calorie deficit both Tuesday and Wednesday – to the point that I actually felt lighter.  So that to me was like a nice buffer for Thanksgiving.  I didn’t plan this though and I don’t recommend it because inevitably when you plan something like that you just overeat the next day.  But in this case, it worked out.

You may have recalled that one of the sweet things I was allowing myself were the Brownies and ice cream.  Well, here’s the funny thing that happened this year:

The Story of the Brownies:

Every year for as long as I can remember we’ve looked forward to having my Aunt’s Brownies which we pair with Haagen Daz vanilla ice cream (exactly this, no substitutions!) and eat until we have put ourselves into a respectable food coma.  Add to this that three of us (my mother, my sister and myself) are lactose intolerant so this little eating expedition is actually harmful to us but I have gotten to the point that I save up “my dairy points” for this particular time of year.

Well, this year, my Aunt decided to get creative and buy a different box mix to make the brownies.  At first sight we knew something was wrong – they looked like Blondies.  You know those brownies that are like caramel colored b/c I don’t know why, they use white chocolate or something?

To say we were upset would be putting it mildly.  To say that we acted like the world as we knew it was ending – that would be more appropriate.  I personally sat there in denial for like an hour, thoroughly convinced that she was playing a very long, drawn out, practical joke.  (She is not beneath that.)

When we finally realized that she had not cooked them, we went home sad and pathetic.   As I tried to make myself okay about it I thought

“well, good – this will make your goals to not overeat much better.  Your biggest concerns were the Garrett’s popcorn and the Brownies, one down – so good”.

But then my mother has a brilliant idea.  For years my aunt has been saying that there is nothing special about what she does – she just follows the recipe of the box of brownies from Aldi’s and this year she went to a different store and bought a different mix.  So for two seconds my mother thought – what if she’s been telling the truth all this time? What if she does just follow the directions?  And even if she does doctor it maybe we can taste test our way through it to figure out what she adds.

So my mother bought the Aldi’s box of brownies and followed the directions, and you know what?   It worked! All these years my Aunt was telling the truth (p.s. she is known to lie constantly so this is why we assumed she was adding to the recipe).  Delicious!

Also, another thing I’m proud of.  When I got home after Thanksgiving I gave myself some time.  I didn’t rush into the kitchen and look for a replacement for the brownies because I knew, and discussed with my mother on the way home, that I would start a frenzy and eat way more calories in search of a satisfaction that would not be met.  After about two hours, I decided on the popcorn but I got a small bowl and had just that amount and I was done.  That’s it.  That was a huge victory for me.

My second downfall:

I ate way too much Garrett’s and………….I’m still eating it……..


Before you judge me understand – this caramel and cheese popcorn is as addictive as crack.  I kid you not.  Every time I introduce it to someone it’s like they turn possessed and they can not stop eating it.   It’s terrible.  Terribly good.

So as most of my meals (sans the granola) I had mostly protein and appropriate portions and I kept to stuffing only as my carb but I overdid it on the popcorn and currently there is a bag sitting in my house because I got more in the airport on the way home.  I know!  Shame!  Shame!  I can’t help it, it’s soooooooooooooo good.  You just don’t know.

The Real Success:

Eating this way reminds me of how great I feel when I don’t. I am feeling sluggish and although I did do all of my workouts while I was home (Yay!) I did notice as the days progressed that I had to work harder to do the workouts because I didn’t have the energy I normally have because I wasn’t eating the good healthy foods that I normally do.

I went to the grocery store last night and I got the kale, and lentils, and blueberries and almond milk – all my healthy go-tos. I’m also going to go back and get spinach and what I need for a vegetable soup.  I plan to have the soup on hand the rest of the year to keep me in line.

I will finish that popcorn, I’m not going to lie to you, my fellow trusted readers.  But outside of that choice I will start to get back onto my normal eating pattern.

The Other Real Success:

I’m not moping or sitting around here feeling sorry for myself. I’m also not dressing down – in fact, I’m doing the opposite.  I’m dressing up to keep my spirits up and to keep myself from letting everything go to pot completely which is usually what I do around this time of year.

What I’m Learning:

I’m learning how to separate “relaxing” and “vegging out” from eating.  These two activities DO NOT have to go hand in hand and I think overeaters like myself have to learn that skill, it is not natural to us to think that way.  It is a learned skill not an inherent one.

Body Revolution update: 

Tomorrow I start weeks 11 and 12 of Body Revolution.  I do not expect great results in terms of weight loss but I will complete the challenge and feel good about how strong I’ve gotten over the last 90 days.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to do an extra week of 11 and 12 or just the two weeks prescribed.  I’ll let you know what I decided after I see how insanely hard it is!  I’ll probably drop the blog posts to every 3-4 days – this every day blogging has become quite tedious but I will still account for all days of Body Revolution.

Until then, take care, enjoy this slow period of the year as a time of reflection and contemplation……….and not extra eating! 


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