Recipe for Thin Thighs: 2 Big Thighs, 1 Barre Class…………and Lots of Prayer


So there was this barre, and it didn’t serve any alcohol, and that right there should’ve told me something was terribly wrong.  🙂

Have you ever tried Barre class?  The class is modeled after ballet.  It uses ballet style moves and adds a bunch of planks, leg lifts and a little bit of yoga.  It works your whole body but the class I take in bootcamp focuses mostly on the lower body.  I’ve taken several other Barre classes with different teachers, a few in different studios but this series of Barre classes in bootcamp is the toughest.

All barre classes are similar, but the experience is quite different depending on who you are.

The Big Thigh Girls vs. The Thin Thigh Girls:

Barre is really good for losing inches.  If you’re already thin, it will help you with your trouble areas.  And seriously – you can feel the pain directly in your trouble areas.  It literally feels like a knife is cutting directly into my saddlebags.  I’ve never done any exercise that got so directly into such a specific area like that before.  It’s the definition of spot reduction.   Barre is the cheapest liposuction you’re ever gonna get. But you will pay the price in pain.

If you’re larger, like me, well ladies, you’re in for a real treat.  Since our entire thigh area is a “trouble area” you won’t really be targeting certain spots, you’ll just get an overall reduction.  But here’s the thing:  you’re taking class with all these really skinny girls and you’re all doing the same exercises even though we’re all clearly working with different amounts of weight (i.e. our thighs).  It’s like the teacher hands you 50 lb weights and hands the girl next to you a set of 10 lbs weights and then tells us both to do 100 curls.  WTF?

My sister described it best.  She said it was the difference between lifting a twig and lifting  a tree trunk.  I’m looking over at this skinny girl and she’s scrunching up her face like she’s in pain.  Girl, please! Come lift these tree trunks and then tell me how bad it hurts!  🙂

The most hilarious thing about Barre is that if you stand outside of the class and look in – it doesn’t look like we’re doing anything. An outsider will swear it looks like the easiest thing in the world.  That’s because we’re isolating muscles and making the smallest, most minute moves you can think of.   Sometimes when I’m not in tears, praying for the class to be over, I think about how it must look from the outside and I crack up.

If after reading this you are confused as to whether or not I’m promoting this particular brand of crazy or not – I am.  I think you should try it.   And after taking it once, if you dare to go back……..I think you’ll like the results you see.  I know I do.  🙂

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