Should Jillian Michaels be a Firefighter?


jillian michaels firefighter

I think that Jillian Michaels missed her calling. Let me explain.

While I love firefighters and I thank them for their service, on some level I’ve always thought that they must have a little something wrong in the head. To be able to willingly walk into a storm of flames is not only heroic but it’s also a little insane. So by nature of their job, they must have a few issues upstairs. Don’t get me wrong, I could never do it and so I thank God we have people that are willing to do it. To all you firefighters out there – Thank you for your service!

And yet………they walk through flames – something has got to be wrong upstairs.   And then on Tuesday I started Phase 3 of the Body Revolution and I was introduced to pushup jacks.

pushup jacks


WTF, you ask? Yeah. It’s a push up that you start in the up position and then as you go down into the push-up you do a jumping jack with your legs – i.e. push-up jack. Who would think of something so sadistic you ask? Um – Jillian Michaels would that’s who.


Not enough for you? Okay, how about today, with Workout 10 – she started the warmup with rock star jumps. Yeah. You heard me. Rock Start jumps…………as a freakin’ WARM UP.  Come on!

And as I suffered through yesterday’s workout and felt like I was literally going to die, I thought to myself, this girl is not right. She is not right in the head. To be able to conceive of this series of torture that and then call it a “workout” and then actually ask someone to do it with you – you’re not right. Something is wrong upstairs.

And so I ask the question, did Jillian Michaels miss her calling? Perhaps with such a sadistic head, she was meant to do something truly crazy – like walk through flames.

walking through flames

But then I thought to myself…………well you’re the one who not only bought the dvd, but also did the workout. And showed up to do it again today.  And for the past 55 days!

So maybe I should join her. Maybe all of her followers should be firefighters too. Cheers to all the actual firefighters …………….and the wannabes.   🙂


Today’s eating went like this:

Immediately after my workout – 1 bottle of water – Yay!

Breakfast: 2 egg omelet with spinach; 2 strips of turkey bacon; 1 cup of grapes; ¼ of an avocado

2 cups of coffee; banana

Lunch: Virgin Diet Smoothie – blueberry

Snacks at work: homemade trail mix; 1 large honey crisp apple

After work: olives and hummus and grapes

Dinner:  Grilled Chicken thigh; 1/3 cup of braised lentils; sautéed string beans; organic chicken sausage

Dessert: Laura’s Wholesome Bite-lettes (4) (chocolate and oatmeal) and chocolate mint hot tea (so good and no sweetener needed!)


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