5 Tips for Staying Healthy When Hosting Houseguests

5 Tips to Help You Stay Healthy When Hosting Houseguests

Last weekend my mother came to visit and we had a sort of House Crashers episode in my house.  Have you seen that show on HGTV?  It’s where they come in your house and remodel and decorate and transform it in like 3 days.  That is seriously what it felt like when we were done.  3 days of nonstop shopping, decorating, and gardening.  And if I do say so myself, my house looks fabulous!  In the midst of that, I did not eat as planned and it brought me to this week’s highlighted post:  “How to Stay Healthy When Hosting Houseguests”  I hope you find is useful the next time you find yourself with houseguests. stay healthy hosting houseguests


I don’t know about you but I had the impression that I would automatically eat better when I had guests around.  Being a closet eater I thought, hey, Mommy’s coming to town, I won’t want her seeing me eating like a pig, so this will be easy!  Hah!  Not so!   You need to be aware that your normal schedule will change much the same way as when you’re on vacation and so you have to be mindful in the same way of what you’re eating.  Also remember that they are on vacation so they will be a little more loose with their own behaviors which might make it harder for you to stay on task.  Here are five tips for staying on your healthy plan even when you have houseguests for the weekend:


  1. Tell them ahead of time! The best way to stay healthy when hosting houseguests is simple to tell that company that you that you are trying to eat more healthy. Explain to them that you are on a healthy eating plan and that you would like them to enjoy themselves but you simply can not partake in all of the treats.  They are your family and friends so they  will understand.  But just in case you have a harder time convincing them to stop pressuring you into going off your diet since they are on vacation, try some of the same rules I wrote about in the post on food pushers.  They can apply here as well.  tape-403593_1920
  2. Plan ahead and choose wisely! Plan out how many times you guys go out to the restaurant and eat lighter throughout the day on those days in anticipation of heavier meals at the restaurants. A sure way to stay on your diet when hosting company is to think about your meals way in advance and factor in dining out more times than you usually do it.  It’ll still work if you factor it in ahead of time.  Plan!  Plan!  Plan! weights-817635_1920
  3. Offer healthy activities for your guests to do. One thing that helped me is that my mom came for the sole purpose of helping me decorate my house and spruce up my garden.  We shopped all day and decorated all night and all weekend we were in the yard.  My Fitbit hit the target by midday every day! I stayed moving and we had a blast! Vacation doesn’t have to mean staying stagnant.  Your guests might enjoy a nice a walk around your city or going to a new yoga class with you.  Interject active, healthy activities into their stay as a surefire way to make sure you stay healthy when hosting houseguests.  Don’t think of it as torturing them,  think of it as offering a new adventure.  I love trying out new workouts in other people’s hometowns or just getting a new teacher for a class I take at home. Change is good, and it can be part of the vacation. cooking-890885_1920
  4. Cook for them! People love when you cook for them. I think it’s one of the friendliest, most loving things you can do for your friends and family.  And guess what happens when you cook – you control the menu!  Duh!  By cooking for them you control the type of food you all eat and thus you’re able to stay healthy when hosting houseguests.   So offer to cook some of the days instead of going out to eat and then you are sure to stay on track!background-1206941_1280
  5. You Choose the Restaurant.   Dining out can be so challenging but never more-so than when you’re trying to stay healthy when hosting houseguests because you end up eating out way more than you normally would in a given week.  But remember this: This is your home!  Your guests will look to you for suggestions on where to dine out, so Hello!  – make it to your advantage.  Suggest places that you know you can eat at and still stay on track.

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Being a hostess can be stressful but when well planned I also think it is a valuable part of an awesome life.  But whatever you do, don’t deny yourself or them the joy of spending time with you in your home.  You can’t protect your diet so much that it keeps you from living.  That is not a sustainable plan and you will end up resenting all of your healthy choices as a result.

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Being able to share your home and your space with the ones you love and provide them with a memorable experience is, to me, the definition of truly good living.  But that experience can be marred if we feel stressed or defeated about our diets as a result.  So take heart, there is a way to avoid this.  Make a plan. Use these tips the next time you are having a house guest and relax.  It’s all good.  You got this!  Cheers!

Are you about to have some guests over this summer? Are you nervous about how to entertain and still stay focused on your health goals?  Share your thoughts in the comments.  Let’s talk.

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